June 15, 2024


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Starting a podcast with Patti Katter

Patti Katter - Overcoming Trials With Triumphs

Starting a podcasting journey is challenging to say the least, as people primarily need help understanding how they can begin podcasting. To make life easier for you, Patti Katter guides you through the essentials needed to start a podcast. 

Patti Katter is a veteran in this business as she has been podcasting for 15 years with her show “Wake up with Patti Katter.” Her eccentric ways have accumulated 2.5 million listeners on her podcasts. 

Through her performance, she provides some valuable insights into the remaining positives. She includes personal experiences and practical tips to convey her message to her audience. In addition, Patti also works as a life coach, providing consultancy services to people considering starting podcasts. 

Here are the essentials that potential podcasters require to start their podcasting journey.

  1. Identifying the theme of podcasting

The first step is to identify the theme of a broadcast. You can select the genre or material you want to portray. This can be done by writing at least 10-15 episodes on paper and deciding the format you will use in your podcast. These mostly turn out to be successful if you choose a topic that you are passionate about. 

  1. Get the essential materials for a podcast.

Podcasts are made to please listeners, and the sound quality of your podcast must be comfortable for your audience to listen to. To achieve this feat, you have to purchase a mic of the best quality. You can browse through three categories of mics to achieve the best results. 

  1. USB Mics
  2. Condenser Mics
  3. Dynamic Mics

After purchasing the mic, you need a mic stand and pop filler to install the complete set. The mic stand helps you to adjust the mic according to your comfort, and the pop filler helps you prevent the sound of plosives, which are harsh consonant sounds like p’s or b’s. In addition to this equipment, you can also use over-the-ear headphones to enhance the quality of sound.  

  1. Get Recording Software

Recording software is essential to your podcasts as they are the platforms that will allow you to record your audio from the microphone and save it into an mp3 file. You can opt for Adobe Audition, a powerful audio editing software that can help you bring out the best of your content. 

  1. Outline your first Episode

Once you have chosen the genre of your podcast, you have to start giving an outline for the content and the format that you will opt-in for your first Episode. This step is vital as it will help you plan through the podcast and assist you if you move off-topic.

  1. Record your podcast

Recording your podcast is more challenging than it sounds. You need to follow these steps to record your podcast. 

  1. You have to find a space that has no noise or disturbances. After this, you can set up the system and test it out to understand the noise level of the podcast. 
  2. You have to be consistent with your mouth placement and tone, as inconsistency in the technique can affect the quality of your sound.
  3. You should make a test recording to ensure the content of your podcast, along with its sound quality, is intact. Moreover, always record 30 seconds of silence, making editing easy. 
  4. Record an intro and an outro for your podcast.

These steps will enhance your content’s sound quality and ensure your users receive the best listening experience. 

  1. Editing your Podcast

The final step of your journey would be to edit your podcast, and the best way to cleanse your podcast will be to use editing software to edit the bits of the content that you seem are unnecessary.

Follow these essential steps, and your podcast will be good.