July 17, 2024


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The Cinderella Drama Comedy

During our childhood while we were at school, we had cultural shows where singing, dancing, drama and speech were performed by the school students. Among many such programs that took place in that school, one drama actually speaks out to me at the moment and gives me the belly-aching laugh. Read on to find out what it was about.

It was a Cinderella Drama that actually turned out to be a comedy. The person who directed that drama seemed to have focused on rehearsing her students only on the dialogues and conversations which were well performed by them.

But what about the get-ups of the performers? Well, that was poor. While Cinderella was a little beautiful girl, she did not wear anything fancy at the ball party nor did she were heeled shoes but home slippers and her slipper wouldn’t come off her foot when she was running away past midnight from the ball party. She rubbed it against the floor for more than one attempt and finally it gave away and she ran away from the scene.

That horrible missing slipper was found by the prince, who was actually a girl, dressed up as a boy and didn’t look like a boy. She held it up feeling ashamed to show it to the audience but nevertheless acted her part.

More flaws in the drama were that Cinderella’s step sisters were poorly dressed too at the ball party and neither her step sisters nor their mom looked evil.

In the end, a fairy tale drama turned out to be a comedy drama and everyone had hearty laughs at each scene and the acts of the performers. Since it could give so much entertainment to the audience it was not altogether a flop and the audience roared with bigger laughter and merriment and clapped happily as the drama ended.

Recreation like this is needed for school students. The programs don’t have to be fully perfect as this example story shows. They need to be organized in schools so that students can participate and enjoy being onlookers from the audience, share laughs and in the process free their minds. They don’t need any special skills but if teachers would take a little effort to make their students rehearse a bit and prepare for cultural programs like the one I mentioned here, students have a lot to benefit and be happy for a full day, which will be a wonderful memory for them to carry with for a lifetime. That is why organizing cultural programs on the part of a school is that significant.