April 23, 2024


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What To Consider When Buying Wrapping Paper

Best Gift Wrapping Paper of 2022

When you are invited to a party, it is considered bad form to come empty-handed. You should get a gift which you should cover with decorative wrap. However, getting decorative wrap and wrapping the gifts can become an issue. It is best to know how to get the best wrapping paper from Printed Little Things for gifts. The following are factors to consider when buying wrapping paper:

The Occasion

The first and foremost factor you must consider when buying gift wrap is the occasion. You need the correct wrapping paper for the occasion, as some papers may be inappropriate or irrelevant. For example, how you wrap a gift for someone at work will be different from how you wrap gifts for a five-year-old’s birthday party.

First, consider the gift wrap color, as red will be perfect for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, whereas green will be ideal for St. Patrick’s Day. You should also consider the material and wrapping style to ensure it is suitable for the occasion.

Gift Size

You should also consider the size of the gift you will bring to the party. The size of the present is crucial because it will determine the size of the wrapping material you obtain. The last thing you want is to be short of wrapping paper and leave parts of the gift uncovered. It not only shows poor planning but is a sign of a lack of class.

Therefore, buy the gift first and take its measurements. You can then go and choose gift wrap that will fit the present. Get more than you need in case of any mishaps that will require you to rewrap the gift.


Color is vital when choosing wrapping paper. Color theory is well known and, simply put, refers to the effect color has on individuals. The color of the gift wrap is the first thing the gift’s recipient will see hence, give it some thought. The occasion will be the most significant determinant of the appropriate color.

For kids, animated characters and multicolored wrapping paper is usually a big hit. For the elderly, soft colors like cream and beige have a warming effect. If confused, choose a neutral color like blue. Floral patterns are also widely accepted.

Environmentally Friendly

With climate change being such a solemn issue, we all need to pay attention to the paper we use, even for gift wrap. It would be best to use recyclable paper, which can be reused for wrapping or other purposes. It should be made from easily biodegradable material that is least harmful to the environment.

Metallic wrapping paper is the worst choice of gift wrap as it pertains to the environment. It is hard to recycle and is not biodegradable hence harmful to the environment. It helps to be conscious so ask the seller if the paper is environmentally friendly.

Buying wrapping paper may seem like a mindless choice, but there is much to consider. For starters, consider the color, occasion, gift size, and environmental impact of the paper. If you do, you should have the best gift wrap. Reach out to  Printed Little Things for wrapping paper options.