April 18, 2024


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Textural Figurative Resin Sculptures by Cathleen Klibanoff I Artsy Shark


Artist Cathleen Klibanoff presents a fascinating selection of hugely textural resin sculptures and sculptural paintings. Stop by her internet site to see additional of her perform.


figurative cast resin sculpture by Cathleen Klibanoff

“Bruised, Not Broken” resin solid, 18″ x 36″ x 4″


My really like of texture begun pretty early in existence. At the time it was the satin edge of my toddler blanket. Thankfully, I no lengthier suck my thumb, but I continue to be deeply hooked up to all points tactile.


figurative cast resin sculpture by Cathleen Klibanoff

“Compassion” resin forged and wire, 17″ x 43″ x 6″


Texture for me also signifies the layers of a story featuring a glimpse into my history of working experience and beliefs. One particular of my hottest collections, Angels of Mercy, was developed for the duration of the pandemic. I felt like we all desired an infusion of loving kindness. Individually, I confronted the reduction of my studio mascot Moses and discovered my mom experienced phase four most cancers. The 3 angels Compassion, Endurance and Humility aided mend my broken coronary heart.


equine resin cast sculpture by Cathleen Klibanoff

“Dream Catcher” resin forged on wood panel, 22″ x 30″ x 4″


My sculptural portraiture, whether human or animal, conveys toughness with equivalent elements vulnerability. I deliberately leave the circle “open” as an invitation to the viewer’s imagination—a visual game of Mad Lib. I think we are all operates in progress—a gorgeous accumulation of reflections and imperfections.


equine resin cast sculpture by Cathleen Klibanoff

“Floral Filly” resin on wooden panel, 30″ x 22″ x 3″


As a sculptor, I really do not essentially know how the tale will turn out, but the journey is often a interesting method. With each and every assortment I have an overarching intention. Even so, each and every unique piece appears to have its possess agenda.


figurative resin cast sculpture by Cathleen Klibanoff

“Patience” resin forged with metal elaborations, 38″ x 36″ x 6″


I am a self-taught sculptor. I really don’t truly feel obligated to follow recommended procedures and control my anticipations. This enables a greater electricity to encourage and redirect.


figurative resin cast sculpture by Cathleen Klibanoff

“Melanin Queen” resin solid on wooden panel, 48″ x 36″ x 7d”


Prior to getting a complete-time artist, I was an govt in the tunes marketplace. I grew to become adept at placing puzzle pieces collectively, these kinds of as introducing singer/songwriters with musicians and producers. That trajectory ongoing when I reinvented myself as a lifetime mentor, which I did for more than 20 many years. I like to nurture need into understood eyesight.


elephant resin cast sculpture by Cathleen Klibanoff

“Satao” resin on wooden panel, 36″ x 60″ x 9″


I am a conduit additional than a commander. The crucial component is vulnerability. As horrifying as that can be when I’m deep in the mud of developing, it’s what lets intimacy to colonize, and with intimacy the link is fashioned.


figurative resin assemblages by Cathleen Klibanoff

(Still left) “Winter” assemblage, resin on wooden panel, 17″ x 52″ x 4″ / (Suitable) “Autumn” assemblage, resin on wooden panel, 17″ x 52″ x 4″


My heart-centered want as a creator is to convey my gratitude for the archive of excellent minds that blazed the trail. I blend in a playful light-weight and like and sharing that strong strength with all those close to me.


figurative resin cast sculpture by Cathleen Klibanoff

“Humility” resin cast, 18″ x 24″ x 6″


Along with my enthusiasm for art, I am a wannabe mycologist. Mycology is the study of mushrooms. I am specially fascinated with mycelium, the progenitors of all those bodacious fruiting bodies. Mycelium are decomposers, breaking down and reconstituting in service to our varied ecosystem. Mycelium are a conduit not only for vitamins and minerals but they serve as an underground facts freeway connecting trees and other vegetation. This helps them share means and warning of contaminants or predators.


equine resin sculpture by Cathleen Klibanoff

“Pegasus” resin on wood panel, 36″ x 60″ x 7″


Significantly like the mycelium, I am the seamstress accumulating my products, arranging them into a playlet. My artwork features as Greek refrain, aiding the viewer with more commentary and perception. I have so a great deal I want to convey to you.


Artist Cathleen Klibanoff invites you to abide by her on Instagram and her portfolio on Pixels.


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