March 5, 2024


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How to Flirt With Women – Three Killer Tips

Listen up – do you want to be a master flirt with women? Do you want the surefire way to flirt with women and make them all fall hopelessly for you? If you do, then here are some good news for you. read on to discover the flirting secrets which you can use to get amazing results with women fast.

How To Flirt With Women – Three Killer Tips

Tip #1: “Use The Disqualification Technique”. A powerful way to flirt is to ‘disqualify’ her when you are talking to her – ask her to ‘qualify’ herself to you. For example, say, “apart from looking good, what else have you got going for you?” or “what makes you special?” This way she will need to work for your attention – which will make you look attractive to her.

Tip #2: “Touch Her”. Here I do NOT mean that you grope her. Instead, you must initiate ‘non-sexual’ touching (which is friendly). Playfully touch her when you flirt with her – if you do it subtle enough you will develop strong rapport with her.

Tip #3: “Give Her Drama”. The thing is that women all yearn to have eventful lives – they want lots of drama so that they get to experience the emotional highs and lows. Flirting really is all about getting them to feel these wide ranging emotions.

One killer way to make a woman feel emotionally high and low is to use this technique called fractionation. Despite the jargon-ish name, it’s actually quite a simple technique to use. When you talk to the girl, bring her through an emotional rollercoaster so that she feels both happy and sad in the conversation. When she is in a positive state, ‘anchor’ her state to you so that she associates her happiness to you.