September 22, 2023


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Getting Your Filmmaking Basics Right 

Filmmakers are working in all genres – documentaries, feature films, etc. So, if you are considering beginning a career in the film industry, here are a few fundamentals you need to be aware of.

Understanding the Filmmaking Basics 

A firm understanding of filmmaking’s basics can help you prepare when planning your first movie. Any film, regardless of genre, will require comprehensive planning to ensure the shoot remains trouble-free. 

Process of Filmmaking

Every filmmaking project begins with a critical idea or concept of the whole thing. The clearer and more focused your idea is, the more likely you can execute it successfully. Even though it can be hard to hold yourself back from including every single exciting statement in your plan, a successful production needs to recognize its limits and adhere so that the filming process can be executed effectively. 


The production process has three stages that you need to focus on – this includes pre-production as the first step. You will need to find the perfect team and cast for the job. You need to hire a team that can understand your directions on what vision you have and have it executed. Actors must be guided according to what they think will be the best way to tell their story. 


Production requires you to build up your set at the ideal location and start shooting for the film. Remember that cinema can be time-consuming and expensive, so you must optimize your filming process and make the most of what you have planned. 

Post Production 

Once the raw footage is complete, you can focus on compiling them together and editing your shots through various software and techniques that can help your film reach the ideal level you want it to be on. Some examples of these editing options include sound mixing, color grading, color correcting, sound design, and much more. 

Michael Lovan is one of the unique new voices in film. He is an American filmmaker, screenwriter, director, producer, and actor.

As someone raised in Hanford, California, Lovan extensively studied filmmaking, drawing inspiration from the Central Valley for his aesthetic and sense of humor.

Over the years, he has worked on many projects – he co-directed the documentary “Japan in a Day” in 2012 for Scot Free Productions. He also co-wrote and starred in the 2014 romantic comedy “A Reunion” and was the creator, director, and former host of the famous North American World of Tanks-branded web show “World of Tanks Weekly.” Recently, he created a new show for the open-world MMO game New World called “Forged in Aeternum.”

He is also actively involved in the gaming community – making popular community-centric videos for companies such as Glu Mobile, Electronic Arts, and Amazon Games.

Lovan has even worked as an Art Director, assisting his wife, artist Amy Everson, on music videos such as Modest Mouse’s “Lampshades on Fire” and “The Ground Walks With Time in a Box.” – which are only the beginning of his career and show only a tiny fraction of his talent.