May 28, 2024


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How to Flirt With Women and Make Them Attracted to You Instantly

Do you suck at flirting with women? If you do – don’t feel bad. We have all been there at one point in our lives. You see, flirting is a game. You need to learn how to play in order to win. If you want to become a master of flirting with women, then read on.

How to Flirt With Girls

As I mentioned before, flirting is much like a game. Here are the techniques that you can use to WIN that game.

1. Teasing

Playful teasing is so awesome. It is my favorite thing to do with a woman. I can honestly feel the sexual tension building up inside of her when I do it.

When she does something silly, do not be afraid to call her out on it! But do it in a playful manner. If you do it seriously, then you will come off as a jerk.

Teasing really builds up the tension. And tension is VERY good!

2. Drama

Women love drama. This is evident from the magazines they read and the television shows they watch. So give her what she wants. Talk about some drama.

The trick is to stay away from any of your drama. I recommend you stick with celebrity drama, or something your “friend” did.

3. Humor

Women love to have fun. And something that goes hand-in-hand with fun is comedy.

If you are not good at making women laugh, then you need to work on improving it. This is a MUST.

4. Seductive Body Language

90% of seduction is done through body language. I advise you to learn the skills of turning her on without using any words at all.