July 17, 2024


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Wind Chimes Fill Your Garden With Music

In the movie Twister, chimes and gongs go wild when a tornado comes, a musical sounding of a frightening event. For most of us, though, garden wind chimes are nowhere near as stressful. They soothe and provide a musical backdrop to your daily life.

Available in all sizes from tiny tinkling versions to elaborate Music of the Spheres wind chimes, these instruments capture the elements and turn them into sound. Let’s look at some of the options and how you might go about picking the perfect musical accent for your home.

Your Choice of Garden Wind Chimes Depends on Where You Live

In an urban area, with everybody living on top of everybody else, you’ll need to consider your neighbors. Pick a smaller, less intrusive garden wind chime whose sound does not carry beyond your fence, and avoid putting up dozens of chimes which will clash with one another in high winds.

In a single family house you have much more leeway, allowing you to set up a larger chime with deeper and fuller tones.

Do you prefer the silvery tinkle of a smaller metal chime, or the percussive knocking of bamboo tubes? What about a simple brass gong? When picking out your chime you’ll need something that you can enjoy listening to, every day without fail.

Garden Wind Chimes are Built for Every Home and Budget

Let’s start at the top. If you want something really special, and have a very large yard, Music of the Spheres wind chimes are among the best available. Music of the Spheres wind chimes are actual musical instruments, arranged to play tunes. The largest models are taller than a man and cost thousands of dollars.

These are not your typical chimes, and there are few homes that can effectively host Music of the Spheres models. But if you are born musical and have the space for it, these instruments are definitely worth investigating.

For a more modest household, though, you can still pick a chime that reflects your character and interests. Decorative garden wind chimes come with horses, flowers, and golfers and dolphins. They are made in anything from metal to bamboo to tinkling glass (these double as light catchers). Costs vary from under $20 right up into the thousands.

Good garden wind chimes last for years, so consider this when picking out your favorite. It may be worth paying a little more to have them last longer. One of life’s treats is listening to the gentle sound of music on a summer’s day, sitting in a comfortable chair with a drink. With luck and care, one purchase will last you through many years of such treats.