April 18, 2024


Arts Fanatics

The Golden Age of Independent Film Fits in the Palm of Your Hand!

If you are an independent film maker you are truly living in the golden age of filmmaking. Never in the history of filmmaking has the quality of image been so competitively close as to barely be discernible but in the most critical of motion picture viewing facilities. As I type this major motion pictures, major label music videos, and serial TV shows are all being shot on cameras that cost as little as $1800. The average viewer doesn’t notice and could actually care less, while jubilant film nerds everywhere rejoice in the fact that they now can buy what is almost the holy grail of independent film making.

This revolution has been led by Canon who two years ago introduced a beastly little gem by the name of the Canon 5d Mark II. The cameras actual form factor is actually that of a normal digital SLR (DSLR) camera which is commonly used by pros and consumers alike. What made and makes this camera so special is its ability to shoot full 1080i HD video. What makes it even more special for aspiring film makers is the ability to use high quality Canon lenses for shallow depth of field.

Interchangeable lenses on a video camera have long been the wish of every videophile dreaming of indie film glory. Our work around to achieve this affect was to attach an a clumsy 35mm lens adapter to the front of the camera. By doing so lens in the users chosen mount could be placed on to the front of the camera, providing filmmakers with a viable way to shoot with interchangeable lenses and acquire the desirable out of focus back ground. While it was an option embraced by many it had its limitations such as additional camera light loss, as well as being cumbersome and non-discreet. Not to mention if you paid $4500 for a camera the last thing you wanted to do was shell out an additional $1800 for a quality lens adapter.

But the dawn of the VDSLR has changed everything. At $2699 for the body Canon gave filmmakers the game changing Canon 5D Mark II, and upped the ante further with the delivery of the feature packed $1800 7d, which at almost a thousand dollars cheaper packed additional features and more bang for the buck. Now if these are out of your price range, don’t fret Canon didn’t forget about you. They recently released the Canon T2I which has the same features as the 7d for $899! So the golden age is upon you and all you need to do is get out there and make the next Paranormal Activity!