June 24, 2024


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The Complete Overview of the Korean Series

In the early 2000s, Korean dramas became famous in nations all over the world. They are popular for a wide range of reasons, including family-centered stories, gorgeous background music, and/or exquisite Hanbok in historical dramas. Korean series are famous, due mainly to the expansion of Korean popular culture and their broad availability via streaming platforms that frequently include subtitles in various languages. Many Korean series have been translated into other languages, and some have had a significant influence in other nations. In other nations, some of the most well-known Korean series have been shown on regular television networks. We will see the history, features, reason for the popularity, and places to watch in this article.

History of Korean dramas

In the early 1960s, South Korean television networks began broadcasting dramas regularly. In the year 2000, the ‘Korean wave’ began, resulting in a massive rise in the popularity of Korean series. Since the early 2010s, they have grown so popular that producers are pre-selling broadcasting rights, allowing them to develop television series with plenty of funding.

Features of Korean Series

Their themes are simple, and they focus more on dramatizing growing relationships or clashes between characters which makes them more emotionally charged than dramas from other nations and keeps viewers hooked. Let us see the features of the Korean series.

  1. Depicts classic Confucian ideals of family connections, parental respect, friendships, and love which have global appeal
  2. The ability to combine traditional values with Western materialism
  3. Compared to Western dramas, the series has less sexual and violent content
  4. They are planned to be completed in a certain number of episodes
  5. They have basic storylines that are easy to follow between roles of good and evil
  6. The episodes are concise, and the story revolves around a central theme

Reasons why Korean series are so popular

At the moment, the Korean entertainment business is thriving. Korean music and television have a worldwide following expanding beyond Asia and even into Europe and North America. There are a lot of reasons why non-Koreans enjoy them so much. The following are some of the most prevalent reasons individuals become their lovers and why it has become popular.

  • Aesthetics to cultures – Foreign dramas allow you to learn about a new culture without the burden of tedious studies. By following the characters’ daily lives, you may learn about various social conventions. If you watch even one Korean drama, you will notice that shoes are removed at the door without anybody telling you, which shows a good example of aesthetics to culture.
  • Pretty cool roles – Dramatic actors are highly appealing. There’s a reason why Korean dramas have so many “broody shower sequences” and “princess for a day photoshoots.”
  • Thrilling and rocking background music – It features entertaining lyrics and great rhythms. K-Pop also contains a significant number of English terms. A lot of K-Pop songs and K-Pop stars also appear in Korean dramas.