July 14, 2024


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Tae Kwon Do – The Way of Kicking and Punching

Tae Kwon Do – The Way of Kicking and Punching

Tae Kwon Do (TKD) is a true fighting weapon, and a true fighting art. It originated in Korea. It was the main fighting form for the Korean army. TKD is one of the most popular martial art in the world. In TKD there are many different aspects with in the art, such as the mental tough ness, and the physical toughness. There are two main types of this secret martial art. There is sport tae kwon do and there is also kukkiwon. In other word you have classic or traditional tae kwon do and sport tae kwon do. There many tae kwon do techniques, in cluding kicking, punching and TKD throw. TKD is mostly known for there high flying jump kicks and spinning jump kicks.

In the begging.

The fighting art was started in Korea during the Koguryo Dynasty (37 BC – 668 AD) and there is some very early evidence of the fighting art dating back too 3 ad. Archeologist has found paintings on the walls of thumbs with man fighting with the kukkiwon style are the earliest sing of tkd. The fighting art has changed and evolved through out the centuries. It wasn’t till 918 that tae kwon do became the main training routine for the military staff of Korea. Princess and kings also loved the TKD sport, and would have many tournaments called Subakki, they would even hand out prizes for the winners. Beginning in 1392 and ending in 1910 the yi dynasty would turn TKD in two a national sport and they keep some traditions alive.

Modern influences

During the occupation of Korea in world war two, the Japanese people tried two banishd Korean coulters, banning everything from food and celebrations and they even tried two vanishing Korean history. After the war Korean martial art schools called Kwans, they had many different influences, with fighting arts from china, Japan, Manchuria. In 1971 TKD was officially known world wide as Korea’s national martial art. It wouldn’t be till the 1950s that all TKD schools are unified under one system. Today we know this system two be a killing martial art. TKDis practiced in 123 countries and there are over 30 million students, and 3 million black belts world wide. TKD and judo are the only two Asian martial arts that is part of the Olympic Games.

Final thoughts

TKD seems to be an ever-flowing stream of beauty and strength, Tae Kwon Do is more than a sport — it is a craft of virtue, and a vessel of excellence. Tae kwon do demonstrates great control and excellent percussion, it takes many upon many years two perfect this striking art. Tae kwon do. “the way of kicking and punching.”