June 15, 2024


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Stripper Shoes or Pole Dance Stilettos, Is There a Difference?

Yes and no. Both shoes are sexy and make your legs look as if they could go on for days!

Traditionally when we think of Stripper Shoes we think of the Classic Kiss Clear Mid-Platform Stiletto without ankle straps. Here is where the difference lies between the two stilettos.

Exotic Dancers or ladies who just love the look of Stripper Shoes, don’t need the ankle support given by the ankle strap. Generally Exotic Dancers use the shoe as an accessory as opposed to needing the shoe for functionality. The selection of strapless stilettos are endless. There are stilettos that light up, stilettos with tip cups $$$, stilettos with bullets. Ahhh the choices!

Most Pole Dancers prefer an ankle strap on their stilettos. When doing inversions (going upside down on the pole), climbing and spinning, who needs to worry if their stiletto will fall off? A Pole Dancers main focus is not falling off the pole and providing a flawless performance or perfecting a new spin or pose.

The commonality between the two stilettos is the platform. The platform is essential for Strippers and Exotic Dancers because they tend to work long hours, and the platform absorbs the shock from the floor. Pleaser stilettos have a built in cushion pillow, which can help save your feet when dancing long periods of time. Pole Dancers as well as Strippers/Exotic dancers use the platform when doing the Goddess Slide. It’s basically a sexy way of walking by dragging the bottom of the platform to make it appear as if one is walking on air. Super sexy!

There are different platform heights to choose from. Many Strippers/Exotic Dancers prefer a high-platform. The high platform is generally four inches with the heel reaching from 7-8 inches, yikes! Yes, it takes a little practice, okay a lot of practice but most women can learn to master walking in 8 inch stilettos. Intro/Beginner as well as experienced pole dancers go for a mid-platform 6 inch heel to the professional 8 inch heel. There is also a mini-platform heel that is 4 1/2 inches.

What ever style Stiletto you choose, whether Stripper or Pole Dance be fearless and live outside the box. If you are normally pretty black and white in your choices, grab a pair of leopard or maybe even heels that light up! Add a little spark to your life! Your lover will thank you!