July 14, 2024


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Revealed Art Jonak Secrets

Revealed Art Jonak Secrets

Art Jonak is definitely a success story in the home based business world! He is also a genuine testimony to the ability of the Network Marketing industry and its power to be able to alter the course of a person’s life forever.

He started out feeding his family with food stamps to becoming one of the most established and prominent mlm experts of our day. Which by the way should be one of your main criteria when researching a leader to study. There are loads of network marketing trainers claiming to have the mystery pill that will help you to get to the top of your business, when in fact they have never even built a downline themselves!

Art Jonak unlike most supposed experts has been in the MLM world since 1991 & is at the moment one of the most successful builders with Vitamark. He was also awarded “The Greatest Networker in The World” award and is the author of the one minute sponsoring tip as well as the co-creater with Tom Schreiter of the teaching program “103 ways and places to sponsor new distributors”.

His success is in his ability to convey to other home based business builders the skill sets required to create network marketing sponsoring systems, both online and off, that turn prospecting new business builders into a straight forward process.

Arts other reason for his achievement is in his talent to take a everyday distributor and grow them into a top income earner. Which in turn becomes serious duplication inside his company. Way to many MLM’ers get the “Look At Me” attitude and undertake to carry their down line on their shoulders.

This does not work… the fundamental strategy is to create a team of networkers who know how to create the down line with out your help.

If you knew without a shadow of a doubt that your team would still build a sizable business whether you got smashed into by a train and were toast… that`s when you know you have shaped leaders!

What is very cool about Art Jonak & a fact that not too many of the old traditional network marketers are either not aware of or just take no notice of… is that he`s a serious internet marketer. In fact he created the 1st internet network marketing news group and also produced the net based marketing system that the company he is with is using now.