July 14, 2024


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Recognizing Art in Your Daily Life

Recognizing Art in Your Daily Life

In our society today, we are divided in how we view art. There are some who see art as separate from our daily lives and others who see it entwined with our daily lives. The truth is that art is everywhere. It is not just some painting in a gallery or a statue in a museum. Art is in us and within us. It’s in the nature that is around us – the sun that shines over us, the wind that blows in your hair and the starry sky at night. Art is in the animals we call pets and take in as part of our family. It is in the wild animals that roam the mountains and plains. Art is in the hands of a 5 year old’s finger painting or the birdhouse your son makes in Shop Class.

We even find art in technology. Look at the beautiful design that goes into webpages or the realism in movies. There are many different opportunities in our lives where we see art at its best. One reason why many people do not recognize and honor art in their daily lives is because they simply don’t take the time to notice. We are so busy in our hectic lives that we don’t stop to appreciate things. So many beautiful things go unnoticed because of this.

Do you take the time in your daily activities to stop and appreciate the art you encounter? Unfortunately, in this fast-paced life we live, many of us do not take the time to stop. We need to make the time to rediscover the true art that lies within all of us and within this world that we live in. Take the time to look around you and take note of art that surrounds you. Make the time to really recognize and appreciate the beauty that surrounds your life each day.