May 28, 2024


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On the spot: Dominik Mayer


Just about every of Dominik Mayer’s paintings would like to escape the frame. This German artist is an specialist at merging vivid colors and powerful styles to create dynamic compositions that fail to just continue to be put in just one put. The influence is a actually kinetic expertise. 

With his Minimal Version design out this week, we caught up with Dominik to chat about his exclusive fashion and dig a bit further into his fantasy and horror inspirations.

How did you grow to be an artist?

Probably, like practically all artists, I utilised to attract due to the fact I can don’t forget. So with that as a foundation, I analyzed 3D animation and Illustration in Nuremberg, exactly where I at this time stay. I concluded my bachelor of arts in 2016. Ahead of turning into a freelancer, I labored in Munich and Hamburg as 2D and 3D artist. Because mid-2017, I have worked as a comprehensive-time freelancer.

As a freelance artist, what does your day glimpse like? 

Very chaotic 🙂 I keep up late and get up late. Typically, I get started the working day by strolling to a regional cafe. Have a coffee and program the working day a little bit, and often I do some sketches there. Once in a while, I fulfill other people today and friends there. Soon after that, I generally get the job done till late at night. If it is not for purchasers, I constantly have some thing particular to do the job on. In the night, I rest with films or video games and go back again to work just after that. I just simply cannot cease 🙂

Sun Priest
Souls of the Sunking 01

How does the place in which you stay affect your art?

I at this time reside in Nuremberg in southern Germany. We have a great deal of medieval properties, and people definitely affect my function. Currently being surrounded by all that interesting medieval things is just awesome. When I wander to my workplace in the town, the shortest way is in excess of the castle. How great is that?

The World you build is comprehensive of magic. What are your largest inspirations? 

I would say audio and colour. That two spark the most inspiration in me although searching/listening to it. I often just see the shade without context, and I want to paint anything with it. At this phase, I generally never have particulars in intellect, but I generally blend it with things I just like to paint: medieval fantasy and horror things.

Of training course, a massive inspiration is also the perform of other artists: previous masters and latest ones. There is so significantly terrific things out there. It’s insane how considerably art is produced each and every one day. There is so much awesome things to glimpse at and get impressed.

How did you produce your closing type?

I would not look at my style closing. It is my model in the present-day condition. It constantly alterations, and I hope it will proceed to evolve. I also did not develop it on objective. It just transpired by portray what I enjoy. Because I did a whole lot of speed paintings that forced me to build one thing rapidly, I created a pretty energetic and unfastened design as a foundation. On prime of that dynamic, I check out to develop and change and build distinctive strategies. I constantly discover some new features to perform with, which will affect my fashion.

Flame Trooper

And what do you like the most about becoming an artist? 

Getting cost-free, I guess. I do what I enjoy for a living. I really do not have to “work” considering that it does not come to feel like it. That is just amazing. In addition to that, it is so great that you can dig into what ever subject matter you can envision and learn things that appears to be “useless” at to start with, but then every little thing can be the resource of inspiration and a base for new concepts. So neat!

Apart from developing, how do you like paying out your time? 

I like playing online games (video online games, card game titles, board game titles), flicks, espresso going for walks by means of character, and comforting. What I definitely enjoy is listening to tunes although carrying out almost nothing else. Just chill and listen. I do that waaaay way too considerably less.

Moon Priest
Furious Resurrection

What are your largest dreams as an artist?

At the instant: Generating a undertaking of my personal. Like I now do with my “Unsung Hero” planet. Publishing a e-book or a deck of cards with art that is not directed by something else than myself would be amazing. It is a dream, but the one I am currently functioning on to make it appear correct. Just after that, I will have a new dream 🙂

And what created you be part of Displate’s community of artists?

I feel it is a super cool and uncomplicated way to celebrate art, and I am really glad to be element of it! 🙂

Instagram: @_dominik_mayer_


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