July 17, 2024


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New Range Of Heavy Metal Added To Store


We’ve been impressed by heavy steel bands right here at Ken Bromley’s!  Metallica, Iron Maiden & Black Sabbath have nothing on this new range of metallic products!  

Liquid Metal

Charles Roberson’s Liquid Steel acrylic paints have a loaded deep metallic finish and are ideal for a vast selection of applications and surfaces.  

Our assortment is composed of 28 of the most popular metallic shades which are all entirely intermixable with each other.  There are 11 shades of gold and 5 shades of silver, in addition other metals these kinds of as brass, bronze and pewter. Readily available in 30ml glass jars which go over roughly 7 square metres.

An image of a 30ml jar of Liquid Metal

How do I use Liquid Leaf?

Use this creamy, speedy drying paint on canvas, paper, wooden and plaster.  Paint non absorbent surfaces, this sort of as metal, after priming with a water-dependent primer-sealer. 

Implement the paint with a brush, roller/brayer, palette knife or air brush.  Skinny with drinking water so that the paint turns into extra clear while retaining it’s shimmery qualities.  Blend with, or paint on leading of other acrylic mediums – the prospects are unlimited! Moreover, as it’s a h2o-primarily based paint cleanse up is uncomplicated – cleaning soap and h2o or an artist brush cleaner.

Importantly, these paints will not tarnish. The steel powders contained in the paint are coated with a binder so there is no get hold of with oxygen. There is no need to have for varnish until it’s an exterior piece of work.

Twinkle Liquid Metal paint mixed with Soft Gloss Gel
Twinkle Liquid Metallic paint blended with Smooth Gloss Gel, in the jar the paint seems white and painted onto a dim area it appears glittery gold.
Twinkle Liquid Metal paint mixed with Glass Bead Gel
Twinkle Liquid Metal paint mixed with Glass Bead Gel

There are some noteworthy variances with a couple of the colours

Stable Silver Liquid Metallic – is designed in a various way to the rest of the silver shades.  Strong Silver makes use of aluminum particles which make it incredibly opaque and provides terrific protection.

Twinkle Liquid Metal – creates colour shifting consequences with a hint of glitter.  Applying distinctive colored backgrounds will modify the impact much too. Darkish backgrounds accentuate the glitter qualities, although light backgrounds improve the colour shifting results.  As the paints are intermixable adding this Twinkle color to other people in the range can make some really interesting interference effects.

Twinkle Liquid Metal painted on canvas sheet
Twinkle Liquid Metallic paint on light qualifications increase the colour switching consequences of the paint
Twinkle Liquid Metal paint applied with a palette knife to a dark background
Twinkle Liquid Metal used to a dim background with a palette knife improves the glittery properties of the paint
Twinkle Liquid Metal mixed with a regular blue acrylic and a black acrylic paint.
On the left – Twinkle Liquid Steel combined with frequent acrylic paint tends to make an iridescent paint
On the appropriate – Twinkle Liquid Metal mixed with a darkish acrylic paint accentuates the glittery properties.

Simply click here to uncover out much more about the vary

Liquid Leaf

Liquid Leaf is a exceptional gilding paint that consists of its own crimson primer and film of lustrous gold, premixed into a solitary liquid.  It appears to be absolutely beautiful painted onto carved and decorative furniture, frames, mouldings, ornamental ceilings, lamps and collectible figurines.

There are 8 colors in the variety Brass, White Fire, Copper, Florentine Gold, Traditional Gold, Renaissance Gold, Pewter & Silver which match the Treasure Gold assortment.  Layer colors on top of just about every other to make custom color results.

Available in 30ml glass bottles which include roughly 2 sq. metres.

How do I use Liquid Leaf?

Use Liquid Leaf on several surfaces including wooden, metallic, glass, ceramics, papier mache and cardboard. The consistency of Liquid Leaf indicates that it flows easily on to the surface area, with no brush marks, forming a lovely burnished end. 

Image of Liquid Leaf applied with a striping brush or ruling pen to create fine lines and scrolls. 
Utilize Liquid Leaf with a striping brush or ruling pen to develop fine lines and scrolls. 
A beautiful, even coverage has been achieved with just one coat of Liquid Leaf on this old frame
A lovely, even coverage has been achieved with just just one coat of Liquid Leaf on this outdated frame.

Use Liquid Leaf in an airbrush as well by thinning with Brush Tub.

In summary, this uncomplicated to handle a person-phase paint provides a brilliant sheen without having the brassiness. It provides a long lasting finish much more intently resembling regular gold leafing. 

Discover out a lot more about Liquid Leaf here

Treasure Gold

Treasure Gold is a metallic wax which is unexcelled in restoring gold leaf and the finishing touches for antiquing.  This creamy wax is also acceptable for a array of blended media and craft methods. 

There are 8 colours accessible in the selection, which match the Liquid Leaf array. Blend unique colors together to generate your possess personalized, metallic shade.  The colours offered are Brass, White Hearth, Copper, Florentine Gold, Common Gold, Renaissance Gold, Pewter & Silver.  

Treasure Gold is remarkably concentrated, a tiny goes a lengthy way!  Accessible in 25g glass jars which go over somewhere around 2 sq. metres.

How do I use Treasure Gold?

Implement Treasure Gold with your fingers, a cloth or a brush and buff frivolously after implementing.  The steel lustre will not fade or tarnish.

Treasure Gold is easy to use on paper, cardboard, wooden, glass, metallic, wax, leather, ceramics, plastic, plaster, resin or practically any other area.  It adheres properly to contoured surfaces, with no cracking or peeling and contact dries quickly to a long term complete.

Create mixed media pieces by applying Treasure Gold through a stencil just thin it with Brush Bath or white spirit.
Generate combined media items by implementing Treasure Gold by way of a stencil just thin it with Brush Tub or white spirit.
Produce fantastic effects by rubbing Treasure Gold on top of dried modelling paste.
Deliver amazing effects by rubbing Treasure Gold on top rated of dried modelling paste.
Rub Treasure Gold on top of coloured modeling paste and then apply a wash of watercolour over the top.
Rub Treasure Gold on best of coloured modeling paste and then implement a wash of watercolour more than the top rated.
Apply Treasure Gold with your finger to an old frame.
Use Treasure Gold with your finger to an aged frame.

Lastly, Treasure Gold also functions brilliantly for marbling tactics.

Find out much more about Treasure Gold here

In summary

Irrespective of whether you are glamcycling vintage furniture, supplying an old frame a little bit of a facelift or wanting to add a little bit of metal into your paintings you need to unquestionably take into consideration attempting out this assortment!                                                                                                                       


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