March 5, 2024


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New In: Gamblin Relief Inks & Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirit


We have included artist quality printmaking inks and a protected, odourless studio thoroughly clean up and oil paint thinner to our selection.

Gamblin Reduction Inks

Gamblin Printmaking Aid Inks are handcrafted in small batches employing major quality pigments and thoroughly picked Burnt Plate Oils.  Formulated for all relief approaches, including woodblock, linocut, monotype, and Solarplate. Gamblin Reduction Inks comprise the correct amount of money of stiffness and tack to hold high-quality depth still distribute evenly on the block or plate. 

Gamblin Relief Ink is available in 175ml sealed tubs.
Gamblin Reduction Ink is readily available in 175ml sealed tubs.

The palette of ten colours is designed to give artists intense pure pigmented colours straight from the jar. The palette permits a large vary of colour mixing capabilities. Combine the transparent base with just one of the Relief Ink colors to increase the transparency of a colour whilst sustaining the inks stiffness and tack.

Gamblin Relief Inks are available in 10 colours.
Gamblin Relief Inks are readily available in 10 colors.

The viscosity of Gamblin Aid Inks helps make them ideal for monotype printing processes as well. Their exclusive softer physique and large pigment load permit them to be rolled out in thinner purposes. Thinner applications with larger colour depth is a great combination, significantly, when printing a number of layers of colour.  Feel large viscosity inks by including Gamblin’s Gamsol Mineral Spirit.

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Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirit

Gamsol is the most secure solvent that makes it possible for oil painters to utilise all common portray techniques with no compromise.

Gamsol is available in 125ml, 500ml & 1Lt sizes.
Gamsol is available in 125ml, 500ml & 1Lt dimensions.

Most solvents offered to artists come from the industrial paint sector wherever the strength and cheapness of the solvent is valued. Gamsol is distinct – it is built for solutions and procedures that arrive into extra near get in touch with with the entire body these as cosmetics, hand cleaners, and food items provider cleaning products.

In addition, the fragrant solvents have also been refined out of Gamsol and there is significantly less than .005% remaining. As a result, Gamsol is perfect for dwelling studios and school rooms.  

It is a need to have instrument for gently cleansing brushes and extremely powerful for studio clean up-up.  Use Gamsol to thin oil colours. A small goes a extensive way stiff oil colours unwind instantly when a minor Gamsol is included. It also performs effectively in conjuction with Chilly Wax Medium to loosen the blend or burn up back by levels. Be thorough not to thin oil colours as well a great deal with solvent alone, this can compromise the capacity of the paint to sort a paint film.

Safe for you and a liable option – it’s easily biodegradable, protected for aquatic lifestyle and has no severe aromatics.  Consider a studio with no solvent odours, just the wonderful scent of oil colours!

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