June 25, 2024


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Learn Belly Dance Choreography Easily – By Doing It Backwards

Belly dancing is no longer the traditional folk dance of Middle East as this has branched out across the globe and many Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have played a major role in the amazing growth of this dance form. Yes, this sensual dance involving the movement of hips and abdomen is also considered beneficiary for health and a beautiful figure. No wonder why more women take it up across the globe.

If you want to learn belly dancing I would rather suggest you learn it backwards than the traditional way of teaching from first level to the later level. It might sound little odd to know that you are going to learn It from backwards. Well, you don’t need to doubt the effectiveness of this as this has been considered much more effective than the traditional way of doing it.

When we take a look at the traditional methods, we can see that they teach a basic step first and then they teach another one and so on. If there are 5 steps in the whole act they will start with the first step and then move to the second one, after this they practice steps one and two together and then they move on to step 3. This process continues.

Now if you take a closer look at how it functions, you can see that the early steps are the most repeated steps in the learning curve and they know so much about these steps than the later ones. Well, the number of rehearsals for the last few steps is naturally insufficient in this method.

This would potentially harm the performance as you are not really confident about the later steps and you will be stressed out while performing it. You may worry about the climax and a bad climax can ruin the perfect start you had. Therefore it’s OK to have a bad start but one cannot imagine having to go through a bad ending. Therefore, stick to the backward learning if you are a beginner.

Belly dance has a long history, but most of it is shrouded in speculation and theories about its actual origin. One theory considers that the dance originated in the form of religious tradition in ancient Arab and African region. It was used as a routine for worshipping goddesses of love and fertility. A different theory considers the dance to be a kind of entertainment that was performed by women from Arab and central eastern nations.

It has also been found that women in Middle Japanese culture, used to practice similar dance in order to help with childbirth. The dance was originally known as oriental dancing or raqs sharqi and it gradually evolved into a single name that was divided into various makes and kinds, as different dancers developed their own unique techniques.

In the west, belly dancing schools branched into different new designs – gothic belly dance, combination belly dance, tribe belly dance and recently taking lots of touches from the Victorian era, the steampunk belly dance. All these different styles mix other forms of belly dance in order to create varying costumes and subtle movements.

Tribe belly dance is performed along with other women in a group setup. In this style women dance in a synchronized way, and carry out sets of movements coordinated with sticks played by a focal dancer. The focal dancer is a professional and she can alter among the various ‘tribe’ members. Everyone in the ‘tribe’ is aware of the hints that signal a particular set of motions. A considerable amount of practice is required to create the effect which is beautifully choreographed.