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Juxtapoz Magazine – Power Moves: Natalee Decker Charts a New Course


Ableism abounds in a world developed for those who go normatively, but a wizard like Natalee Decker is rare—one who actively redesigns thoughts about motion and obtain, mobilizing activism via suave fantasy. Their operate tessellates beyond our spare fact and galvanizes the uniqueness of getting. Reimagining each day objects with more bodily harmony, the artist’s creations are painterly and seemingly sci-fi, radiating an essence of worldbuilding beliefs. 

Kristin Farr: Why did you begin imagining these fantastical, sinewy designs?
Natalee Decker: I have been earning the fantasy mobility devices as both personalized therapeutic exercise, and to counter perspectives of disability that are rooted in ableism and hetero-normativity. I prevent finding into my disability origin tale due to the fact disabled people today are worthy of privateness and trust, and I similarly try out to stay away from contributing to any pity or inspirational dual narrative that narrows community perceptions. But I will say that my everyday living was abruptly and significantly impacted by an acquired disability. 

As a great deal as operation, remedies and professional medical units saved my existence, my artwork would make me want to endure. It really is turn out to be this very important medium to course of action reduction and trauma that takes place at once and chronically. The patterns are a response to the genuine earth devices—canes, scooters, wheelchairs, walkers—I use each and every day, antagonizing the sterile, medical, and stigma-laden auras which surround the objects. I intentionally re-think about them as a sort of extension of my system, with fluid impractical forms, vivid celebratory hues, and concerns about desirability. The equipment let for some type of mobility of thoughts and thoughts, as an physical exercise in imagining a far more liberated disabled existence. The sinewy-ness has a direct partnership to the corporation of the nervous program, organic and natural conference industrial rigidity, and the fluidity of the overall body. The curves dull some of the sharpness of specified reminiscences or my standard collision with the sharp edges of the infrastructures of ableism. 

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How do you explain your operate? 
I’m dedicated to creating perform that is deeply particular and it all connects to my obsession with figuring out my have knowledge. I’m likely striving to expose myself so I come to feel fewer lonely, given that remaining disabled can be this kind of an completely isolating knowledge. I share myself and seek out connection in return. I’ve used a range of mediums which include 3D CG, animation, sculpture, painting, pictures, and music to parse out things like incapacity aesthetics, know-how, crip fantasy, recollections and queerness. I adore computers. I’m a nerd. I should really function on heading outside the house more, but I actually love building work. 

For me, art is not just about some kind of monetizable output, but also about the approaches we live—about creatively re-imagining how we exist in this earth jointly and resolve challenges. When I was freshly disabled in the medical center, the employees kept assuring me of my citizenship in this extremely hetero-normative future without having basically asking me if that was what I wanted—telling me I would still be capable to have little ones, that I could reside fully independently, that I need to get into adaptive athletics. I desired to produce a thing distinctive for myself, and artwork has permitted me to imagine and create my have crip potential. Artwork is also a powerful device for encouraging other men and women to think about and treatment about encounters they have not personally lived, and disabled people today desperately require far more collective treatment. 

Can your types be manifested as fact?
I’ve lately began making the patterns as sculpture. I’d appreciate to have some unusual style mobility aids to use in my day to day. But there is a big variance in between these equipment current in serious life as functional design objects compared to as speculative fiction. I’m fascinated in the tensions of generating an abstract, functionally basically useless instrument which is conventionally supposed to be quite rigid and ergonomic as a issue of requirement. It gets to be primarily ironic within just the context in which mobility gadgets can be exceptionally costly and challenging to access even with their cruciality. I utilize an investigative and experimentational capability to consider and spotlight challenges of obtain and disability perceptions. 

I would certainly like for there to be far more aestheticized sensible mobility equipment offered in the globe. But what is so a great deal far more crucial is that we, as a culture, tackle the unmet standard needs of disabled individuals: the means so several of us can not get into sure buildings no make a difference what our mobility aids glance like, the absence of accessibility to good quality health care, housing, work, the disparaging stigmas. A nice hunting wheelchair will not solve these problems and may possibly even distract from them, but I hope that my function can correctly attract awareness to this considerably additional urgent work of developing basic social fairness for disabled persons.


Explain to me about your most visited coloration palette—is it especially influenced?
I decide colors I experience drawn to intuitively. I want vibrancy and go for a great deal of neons and pastels. I like how computer system screens can give colours a uniquely shiny illuminated excellent. And CG computer software utilizes elaborate math and coding to simulate how mild interacts with diverse elements so you can build these genuinely dynamic and emissive colors that may not be equipped to even exist in fact. It’s astounding how variable light-weight can generate this kind of distinctive sensations in our entire body, maintain so considerably assorted cultural importance, and merge to create total new emotions or connotations. 

Describe your perfect occasion.
There have been incredibly several events in my pandemic and I seriously miss out on them. Ideally, I would not have to assume about access to start with. I so value anyone who is putting in the do the job to make queer nightlife accessible—hosting situations in accessible areas, placing access information on flyers, and many others. Past that, I’m usually seeking a water little one instant give me a glass of champagne and someone to speak to in a hot tub, sizzling spring, under a waterfall, in some blue grotto. 

You are a vogue icon to me. Inform me about your own fashion.
Thank you! How flattering. Trend has this kind of an outstanding electrical power to make you feel good in your physique and that’s specifically significant when you truly feel like your body is unwanted. As a great deal as I consider to use fashion to celebrate my overall body, I know I also use it to conceal or compensate as an extension of my have internalized ableism. That is the dim facet I am functioning as a result of, but I truly feel like it justifies honesty. Primarily, I just attempt to have fun with style, using apparel as another kind of creative imagination, whimsy, and gendered expression. I really like to thrift and put on pieces my good friends have manufactured or monitor printed. I’m even now operating by the heartbreak that I can no longer functionally dress in warm platform sneakers, heels, sandals, and so forth. I had a actually challenging time acquiring rid of my aged footwear, and I have kept a couple of my preferred pairs in the back again of my closet as these grief objects I have to have to convert into an art piece or ritualistically discard. I have had to get far more into definitely sturdy sneakers and boots, but which is Alright mainly because I have been leaning extra butch currently in any case. 

How do you hope individuals experience when they interact with your get the job done?
I want disabled people or anyone navigating some sort of marginality to experience seen and assured that they are worthy of house in this globe, in the arts, in dynamics of treatment. As a lot as my get the job done is for me, I hope for an impact—that the perform can lead to much larger conversations and narratives happening about disability and liberation and justice more typically. 

@Crip_Fantasy // This post was initially printed in the Summer season 2022 Quarterly


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