April 18, 2024


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Japanese Dancing

Japanese dancing are derived from community activities. It is a long held tradition that had existed in the Japanese communities for many years. They are an important part of the culture of the Japanese people.

Odori and Mai are the two main traditional Japanese dances. Odori dance was developed during the Edo period while the Mai dance was developed in the western region in Japan. Odori is evolved from the Kabuki drama.

The Odori dance incorporates a lot of male sentiments. The Mai traditional dance was often performed in a room. It is rare that the Mai traditional dance is performed on the stage. The Mai dance shows a lot of influence in the Noh Drama.

Many Japanese dances are being developed throughout the history including Noh Mai, Bon Odori, and Nihon Buyo. The Noh Mai interpretation was originated during the 1200 A.D. The Noh Mai dancers danced according to the music played by the flutes. Small drums are also played during the Noh Mai dance performance. The Noh Mai dances can be fast or slow. Chu No Mai is not too fast or too slow. The Chu No Mai dance is usually performed by the female. The Jo No Mai dance is a much slower dance than the Chu No Mai dance. Jo No Mai dancers don’t wear mask. The dancers exhibit a heroic character.

Some of the folk dances that are practiced in the Japanese culture include Iyomanzai, Ayakomai and Sakura. Iyomanzai is performed during the New Year. Ayako Mai is a type of folk ballad dance that is made popular during the 1500 A.D. Ayako Mai dancers are usually girls that are in their youth. The Ayako Mai dancers like to dress in colorful garment that has long kimono sleeve. The heads of the Ayako Mai dancers are covered with red cloths. The Ayako Mai dance plays an important role in the kabuki dance development.

The Furyu presentation is often carried out in front of a large audience. Examples of the Furyu cance are the bon odori and kenbai dance. The koura odori dance is perfomed along with folk ballad accompaniment. Kouta Odori dance consists of a large group of dancers. Bon Odori is a famous dance among the Japanese people. Before the Bon Odori dance is performed, the people will build a tall building called yagura. The yagura building is constructed from wood. As the dancers performed, they will move around the building. The dancing steps of the Bon Odori vary from different regions.