February 24, 2024


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How to Write a Press Release

With modern technology, specifically, the introduction of email, it is difficult for people in P.R. to know how to write a press release. For example, some press releases have photographs with excellent picture lighting and some photographs in the media kit are even taken with led picture lights. This really makes the kit look a lot more appealing. But is all of that really necessary? Sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. When writing a press release it is important to know your audience and it is important to make the press release sellable. For a photography company press release, the example above would probably work very well and it would be completely appropriate in the press kit. Below are the steps that need to be taken in order to write a good press release:

1. First, it is absolutely imperative that you put the contact information at the top of the release. The contact information should be added to the release only if the person will be able to answer any media calls or calls from other companies or stockholders. The information should include the main contact’s first and last name, their position, their phone number, their email address and their fax number.

2. Next, you will need to think of a lead for the piece. This is the most important part of the press release. If the lead is not good, meaning it is too lengthy or the grammar is bad, then the journalist will most likely throw it away and then your story will never get published. The lead should be short and to the point. Remember, with a lead, you just want to grab their attention; you can put in miscellaneous facts in details in later parts of the release.

3. The body of the release needs to be pretty brief, but this is the section where you can give a little bit more detail. For example, if the release is for an event, this is where you would put the location, the time, and the date (not necessarily in that order).

4. Finally, you want to conclude the release with any extra details that were not important enough to be in the first few paragraphs, but it still needs to be added nonetheless. For example, if a college is hiring a new basketball coach, you may want to mention at the end where the coach played in college.

It is important to remember that these press releases should be no more than 400 words on regular paper and less than 200 words in an email. It can be pretty confusing with all of the different styles that can be found. Before you write your first press release for a company, you may want to have someone go over it to make sure it follows the company’s format, and then fix it if there are mistakes. A press release is an important skill to know and the better you are at it, the better your chances are for a promotion later!