June 25, 2024


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How to Make a Stand Up Comedy CD

Let’s face it, most of us stand up comedians are not that technical when it comes to recording professional quality CDs or DVDs. I’ve listened to self-produced cds that sound like they were recorded in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant that has open mic on Monday nights. Wait, that’s probably because it was a Chinese restaurant that had open mic on Monday nights. This article will teach you how to produce a decent quality stand up comedy CD using only a laptop and the available audio equipment at the comedy club.

The equipment I used were my MacBook laptop, Garage Band, USB audio input, and the mixing sound board of the comedy club. Basically, you plug the mini jack cord (or whatever cord you need) into the USB audio input of your Mac then you plug the other end into the monitor output of the sound mixer of the venue. It’s best to check what kind of mixer they have. Most comedy clubs or bars that have a decent sound system should have a mixer for the sound system. If they don’t have one, then you can just use the built-in microphone of your laptop, but the quality won’t be as good. But your real problem is getting a real venue.

The mixer should have a monitor output so the sound from the mic on stage can be heard and redirected into your laptop. If they have an extra microphone onstage, you can even use that to record the laughter from the audience. So basically you’re mixing your own voice while performing with the audience reaction.

Open up Garage Band and create a new track using real instrument option. There should be an option to use the USB audio input. Do a test recording to make sure it works. When you’re ready, just press record and start your performance.

Once you’re done, you can stop recording and click on share and choose burn to cd. That’s basically it! You’ve produced your own stand up comedy CD.