June 15, 2024


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How to Dance Solo Salsa

Knowing how to dance solo salsa is one of the best ways you can have fun salsa dancing. Salsa solo or salsa shine is when a salsa dancer decides to dance solo. If he or she is dancing with a partner, the dancer may want to dance separately and alone.

Salsa is known to be a partner dance. Sometimes though partners will dance separately and dance alone. This part is called a shine. The term is probably derived from tap dance referred to as ‘tap shine’.

When salsa dance involves partners, the shine moment is when each partner does his or her own fancy dance moves. The partners can both show off some intricate footwork and body movements. These steps are supposedly impromptu but it will be best to have them choreographed because one might have difficulties doing improvisations in front of a huge crowd.

Solo salsa dancing is very beneficial for beginners who want to know how to dance salsa but do not want to worry about finding a partner to dance with.

Among all Latin dances, salsa dancing is considered one of the most exciting ones. Adding Salsa shines to your routine will make it even more interesting.

Salsa is normally a partner dance. Do the normal salsa routine with your partner at the start of the dance. You should make the dance look exciting. The audience will also come to appreciate the excitement you inject to the dance. This will set the mood for the salsa shine moves later.

Split from your partner at the middle of the dance. You can do this at a certain point of the dance. The break away part is most often choreographed. This will highlight the different dance moves, techniques and fancy footwork of each partner. The other partner may take a short break as his partner takes the center stage.

The partner who wants to do a complicated step may also need a breather before doing the said step. This will spotlight the intricate footwork or body action that the partner will do.

The actual salsa shine will consist of very advanced footwork or flashy dance moves that will go well with the music. Salsa shine aims to spotlight the individual partner. As the name implies, each partner or one of the partners will have their moment to shine. If you are the partner who needs to do the salsa shine then you have to add your distinctive moves to your salsa moves.

As you grow in experience and skill in salsa dancing, the shine will be easier to do. It will not be as nerve wracking as you think it will be. Your dance moves will come to you naturally with time and constant practice. You actually enjoy the attention you derive from doing it. This is the reason why practicing and developing your salsa dancing skills are of prime importance.

When doing the salsa shine expect to do some free style moves. The partner will split and dancing will be individually not as a couple. The solo salsa must follow a certain rhythm which is quick-quick-slow. No matter what fancy moves you decide to show, they must move to the beat.

After your shine moment, partners reunite and continue with salsa dancing. The reunion should occur at a certain point. Both partners must then prepare for the finale. Learning how to dance salsa shine will enable the dancer to develop and grow in his or her salsa dancing skills.