June 16, 2024


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How to Dance Duranguense

Don’t you hate going to a party and being the one who doesn’t know how to dance? Well it’s time to kick the shyness and learn how to dance duranguense! Duranguense gained popularity during the early 2000s and continues to top the Regional Mexican music charts to this day. Duranguense is a very fast and driven dance so find a song you like (Por Tu Amor – Alacranes Musical) and let’s get to learning.

The fun part is that you can dance duranguense by yourself of with a partner. We will start by dancing by ourselves. Simply stand as you normally would and move your hips to the beat. Your feet should take a quick step each time your hips move to one side and another step when they move to the other side. You can find the beat by listening to the bass, which is the low pitched sound that you will hear bouncing back and forth. Your body will almost feel like it is doing the same thing. Some people hold their arms lower and more relaxed, but most usually hold them up at their sides or at their chest.

When dancing with a partner you must be aware of the different roles that guys and girls play. Guys will be the leaders. The couple will hold hands, usually the guy’s left and the girl’s right but it doesn’t really matter. The guy will have his other arm wrapped around her back and near her waist, while the girl will have her unoccupied hand or arm on the guy’s shoulder.

A lot of beginners say the hardest part is staying on beat late into the song when you might be tired and lose your rhythm. Only with practice can you pick up the skill of always staying on beat at such a fast tempo.

Guys remember you are the leader so be sure to take your girl around at a smooth and comfortable pace. Girls you get the easy part and just follow his lead.

Every city and region has a slightly different style of dancing duranguense, from Chicago, to Los Angeles, to the Texas Panhandle. Pay attention, practice, and if you still need more help then take a look at some YouTube videos. You will know how to dance duranguense in no time.