July 14, 2024


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Get Her Back – Drama Free Plan to Get Her Back

Get Her Back – Drama Free Plan to Get Her Back

All you want to do is get her back. Are you sick of all the drama and all the advice from well meaning friends and family? Are you tired of worrying about if you’re going to get her back or if you can get her back? Are you just tired of thinking about all of it and you just want to get back to living your life? All you want to know is what works and how you can get your ex back.

You may have received a lot of advice from friends who do want the best for you. Their plans to help you get your girlfriend back might range from the simple to some sort of tactic that sounds like wiley coyote dreamed it up complete with a kit that you should order from the Acme Get Your Girl Back mail order company.

The Jealousy Plan – There is no doubt that trying to make your girlfriend jealous might bring about the desired outcome and she actually might wind up wanting to get back together with you. Of course, making her jealous might backfire on you and you might wind up killing your chances of getting her back in your attempt to make her jealous.

This really shouldn’t be your initial method of trying to get your girlfriend back. Reserve this as a last ditch effort or even move on and start dating and see if your ex is still interested in you. But trying to make your ex jealous on purpose is very difficult to pull off since most people aren’t that great at acting and your ex might see right through your plan to get her back.

Waiting Her Out – Yes, if things have been very heated and your breakup was filled with a lot of drama you should take a little time to wait for the smoke to clear. But waiting months before trying to open the lines of communication might just cause you to miss out on your best opportunity to win her back. Have you ever heard that you should strike when the iron is still hot? Waiting months and months to see if she comes back all on her own might allow another guy the opportunity to move in on your girlfriend and then where will you be?

Of course, pestering your girlfriend and begging and pleading for her to come back to you or talk out your differences will only cause her to pull away from you further. But there are ways to resolve this conflict without digging up all the garbage from the past and causing your and your ex even more pain. There are ways of defusing the situation and talking with your ex that will leave her wondering what the two of you ever fought about anyhow. The trick is to be non-threatening and to lead her so she comes to the conclusion all on her own that she actually was the cause of many of the problems in your relationship.

It is absolutely possible to get your girlfriend back without having to execute some elaborate plan or scheme and without having to wait a month or more before talking with her. Couples get back together all the time, every day without having to work through the painful minutia of their relationship and they actually wind up happier and more in love than they were before the breakup. The trick is knowing what to say and how to say it while taking the lead in your relationship. Do it not only for you but for the woman you love.