April 18, 2024


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Funny Motivational Speakers – The Best Of Both Worlds

Meeting planners everywhere are reducing unnecessary spending. They have been using creative techniques to save on most event expenses. So it is understandable that many entertainment budgets for conferences have been cutback or eliminated completely. Fortunately, keynote speakers have endured stringent conference budgeting. But, entertainment isn’t always so fortunate-often thought of as a luxury, it is dropped from some smaller budgets. But, in order to save money you don’t have to choose a keynote over entertainment. You can save a ton of money by simply killing two birds with one stone; get a funny motivational speaker.

A funny motivational speaker is the best of both worlds. They are a meeting planners dream keynote, because they are inspirational and funny. A funny motivational speaker blends humor and wisdom into their presentation, and transform a regular speech into something special and memorable for viewers. The speaker fulfills multifaceted functions for the audience by both boosting morale and energy levels, while discussing highly informative content. Therefore, the audience is not only going to be engaged, but they are also going to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Scott Alexander is a perfect example of a funny motivational speaker. He informs, empowers, and entertains his audiences. His presentations not only feature comedy, but also magic and illusion. And the content of his programs are still based on motivational concepts. Concepts such as: The Power of Perception, The Power of Goal Setting, and The Power of Laughter. Each topic is filled with magic, comedy and insights into the world of perception, goal setting and laughter. Scott takes the audience on a journey through the ways in which he obtained his career goals, and gives examples of how we manifested a successful outcome from seemingly impossible situations. Scott uses magic and humor to teach his audience about the power of a positive and lighthearted attitude. With speakers like Scott Alexander, the days of the one-dimensional “rah-rah” speaker are a thing of the past!

A motivational speaker should be as entertaining as they are inspiring. Event planners can be confident that their audiences hunger for entertainment and need for information will be satisfied in one sitting. This will not only save conferences money, but also save them time in their program schedules. The evolution of motivational speaking is the humorous motivational speaker. Now all types of speakers are adapting their speaking styles to make themselves more appealing and marketable. Business speakers, Health and Wellness speakers, and even Economist are adding humor in their presentations for audiences. You can be motivated and informed with humor, and the speaker can still make a serious impact on your audience.