April 23, 2024


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Film photography 101: Beginner’s edition

The Absolute beginner's guide to film photography: Part 1 - Getting  started: Digital Photography Review

Photography went from an expensive hobby and a complex profession to another function of your phone. But with digitalization came the lack of individuality of photos. The reason of it is similar picture rendering algorithms coming with all the modern affordable devices. As a result less people are interested in the traditional craft making it cheaper than ever!

You need a worthy companion on this venture who will provide all the necessary equipment. Teaching you how to choose the one is the main goal of this article alongside providing some useful tips. You also may be interested in learning about developing process so jump in!

Important information for newcomers

A great option for everyone who are not familiar with analogue photography will be starter kits. It is the first box any newcomer should check while choosing an online photo store to buy cameras and films. These items are included in most kits as they are a bare minimum. More advanced packages also include development compounds and guides to use them safely. The process goes as follows:

  • setup the dark room;
  • prepare developing chemicals;
  • put films into the developing tank;
  • put films into the stop bath;
  • wash films and dry them;
  • project the light through the negative to photosensitive paper;
  • repeat all the steps above with the image.

Depending of the camera model, film quantity and quality and variable components the price of the bundle goes from $50 USD to $250. Nothing outside of the range of most of the hobbies but here the possibilities are truly endless!

Next steps on the road

Another necessary quality of a trustworthy store is an ability to provide an adequate shipment to all its customers. Most of them have an exact price calculator helping you to see how much your order costs up to a penny. Better to have questions at this stage as the support service is important way to distinct a good place from a bad one. And please, do not forget the central puzzle piece being the products on virtual shelves. A perfect place should provide you with an equipment necessary to progress from the «Beginning» level to above and beyond.

Imagine you have bought all the necessary equipment for beginners the next step will be making your first photos. Yes, it is that simple as clicking on the button activating the shutter but with nuances. For the best results you better be combining both reading books about the craft and a decent amount of practice. Finding a perfect combination of these 2 will allow you skip the «Amateur» tag in weeks or days!