April 23, 2024


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Exploring Huddersfield – Music and Arts

Huddersfield as a town offers a wealth of opportunity for musical and cultural exploration.From a cultural point of view Huddersfield’s strong creative arts and music tradition is displayed through a series of top class events both modern and classical. The Festival of Light which is held in winter time and bring internationally renowned street theatre to the town. The show feature’s Theatre Tol from Belgium, who have entranced audiences across the world with their airborne operatic shows.

Drawing its inspiration from the Caribbean, the Huddersfield Carnival provides a medium through which local communities can develop and display their talents in costume design, music, dance and drama. The arts festival is multi-venue and has a core programme of Visual Arts, Opera, Music, Drama and Fashion and runs in September.

If you like brass bands then there are few if any with a bigger reputation then The Brighouse and Rastick Band. They are regarded by many as the best and most consistent ‘public subscription band’ in the world. In its time the majority of premier band championships have been held by ‘Briggus’ whilst the band has also attracted a formidable reputation for highly entertaining concerts for both the general public and brass band connoisseur.

The Lawrence Batley Theatre, whilst also being the hub for the international and unique Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, is a melting pot of creativity and attracts local artists, groups and organisations. The Huddersfield Choral Society has an international reputation as the UK’s leading choral society, producing a unique and thrilling full-bodied ‘Huddersfield Sound’ from over 200 voices.

The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival which is regarded as the UK’s largest international festival of new and experimental music.

The Mrs Sunderland Festival has expanded vastly so that it now covers nine days. As well as an extensive range of vocal solo classes, there are classes for adult and junior choirs, piano, brass, woodwind, recorder, strings and percussion, as well as school orchestras and bands. There is also a Speech and Drama section which includes solo verse-speaking, prepared reading, solo and group dramatic classes and poetry-writing. It is affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech.

The Shepley Spring Festival is tucked away amongst the rolling meadows of the Pennine fringe just to the south of Huddersfield. The village of Shepley plays host to one of the most talked about festivals on the folk music calendar and its reputation grows each year as one of the friendliest, most exciting and vibrant musical events in the country. The temporary festival site offers concerts, dances, street theatre and dance displays, trade and craft markets and an expanding programme of youth and children’s activities.

Huddersfield is also a haven of multi-cultural restaurants and offers great opportunities to explore other aspects of Huddersfield life. It has great sporting traditions with its Rugby League and Football teams and also boasts some stunning Victorian architecture.

Huddersfield is a hidden gem in West Yorkshire and is definitely worth a visit.