February 24, 2024


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Ep 111 Is It Time to Evolve your Art Style?


In today’s art podcast we question “Is time to evolve your art model?”

Ep111 is it time to evolve your art style

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It seemed suitable to discuss about this nowadays for the reason that Sandra’s at a bit of a crossroads and we both of those normally try to share our individual ordeals as artists with you.


When may possibly it be time to Evolve Your Artwork Design?

What are the inform tale symptoms that you’re completely ready to evolve, or even transform route totally?

Properly I assume the very first indicator is when your function feels way too uncomplicated and you no extended truly feel challenged by it.

Now I don’t know about you, but I like a bit of a challenge and one particular of the issues I established myself a extensive time in the past was to find out to paint. And I can do that. And I like it. The problem is, that when I arrive at a objective, I truly feel I need to have to move the purpose publish so I’m normally generating some form of a development. If you do not do that, then things commence obtaining a bit far too uncomplicated. And when that comes about, you shed that feeling of achievement when you’ve made anything new.

And I guess that when you now know what your concluded piece will glimpse like, ahead of you even start out it, then there’s no puzzle to it any longer, and that puzzle is 50 percent the fun,


  • When you miss ‘learning’ – what we necessarily mean by this is you have already mastered what you have been performing to a good degree and really feel the require to learn something new and make new discoveries.
  • When you have overlooked what a satisfied accident feels like – When you know just what you are undertaking you get fewer blunders and so you never get people pleased incidents. I can not explain to you how a lot I like a pleased incident. It has undoubtedly led me to the work I generate now.
  • When you obtain other people’s artwork extra exciting than your individual – Your likes and dislikes could be switching in excess of time. Probably the artwork you applied to like is not the exact same as what you like now.
  • When you just come to feel ‘in a rut’ – Sometimes you just need to make a modify mainly because you are a bit bored.


When I have got a painting on the go, I’m generally itching to get to it.

That is an obvious sign that I’m loving the system and I’m making the most of what I’m undertaking.

But if you discover oneself procrastinating amongst paintings, and deciding that cleansing the bathroom is extra critical, that could be a sign that you need to have to alter items up a tiny bit.

Now of course it could possibly also be a signal that you’re worried to fail, in which circumstance that’s not a time to shake matters up, that is a time to stick with what your executing right until you’ve nailed it.


  • When you envy the way other artists strategy their own get the job done – that may well just because simply because you see the freedom their design and style makes it possible for them to perform in. I utilised to glimpse at Lewis Rossignol’s operate and be quite envious of how totally free he appeared to be in his artwork.
  • When you want to get missing in your portray and come to feel “in the zone” but your present model feels too methodical – When I utilized to paint the quite colourful faces at to start with it was difficult and exciting, but I could never really shed myself in them and be totally expressive. Changing how I worked gave me the experience I needed when producing my art.


When you come to feel that you have turn out to be also predictable, that’s yet another indicator to test a thing diverse. And it does not imply you have to transform your design. It might just imply you want to try a new issue or a new medium. Or maybe you just want to increase an interesting component to your paintings.

When you maintain creating the similar type of artwork since you sense you should, for the reason that that’s what your collectors or followers are expecting, then there is that threat of getting a little bit predictable. And it’s way far more critical that you abide by your individual path as an artist, than to do what everyone thinks you must be executing. The worst detail you could do is turn out to be bored of your have function, for the reason that it will show.


There are also fantastic reasons NOT to transform your artwork design

Never evolve your design and style to you should other folks – perhaps an individual has explained to you that your art is very common or on the other extraordinary a bit “out there” in a not incredibly complementary way. Probably they have suggested you really should transform your artwork a little bit. Never do it until you concur with them. Art will often be improved if you make the art you like.


You don’t will need to ‘change’ your style… There is a variance among evolving and transforming. This is clearly significant if you are a providing artist and you are regarded for a little something in particular.

I was hunting at some get the job done by Christian Hook the other working day in a Gallery, and I observed that he’d commenced introducing random textual content to some of his latest operate, which I hadn’t seen from him before…

There were being a couple other factors that have been different to his standard approach… But what was intelligent is that the ‘bones’ of the work were even now very obviously his… He experienced just additional some attention-grabbing factors to his paintings which gave them that component of shock.


You may possibly not even want to evolve your art design, probably you just need a temporary improve. To try something new and see if it is a route you want to go after.

Remember that this does not indicate you have to modify your style without end. It could just mean that you experiment and occur again to what you are carrying out with clean eyes. Or probably you may well just include a single factor from your experiments.


Thought for evolving your art model

If you do feel that you are prepared to evolve your artwork model try modifying gradually

If you go much too radical, you could uncover oneself emotion like a starter yet again and that could induce you to reduce your self esteem, and you truly want to stay away from that..


Following on from higher than – modify just one point at a time, ie really do not out of the blue switch from watercolour landscapes to abstract oil paintings, unless of course of study course it is a little something you normally needed to try out or you experience like a completely radical adjust.


If your not guaranteed exactly where to start, established your self a problem to do something you have constantly needed to consider but were being afraid to in case you failed. Or obtain an current art problem to help you discover new matters, and of class we have obtained loads of worries to decide on from on our website, so take a seem if you have not now.


Acquire a class, perhaps a person with various teachers to get new inspiration. Remember that it’s usually far better to get inspiration from various resources. You do not want to copy yet another artist’s design. Instead, you want to take elements from tons of unique spots


If you make a decision to make a improve, then give you authorization for it to go erroneous!

It may possibly take a although to get your head all-around what your hoping to accomplish. So do not be expecting your initial few tries to be as properly been given as your typical function. It will acquire a bit of time.


  • Be well prepared to damage a portray, If you operate on something new and it starts off staying also managed, never be afraid to ruin it by hoping a thing new on it.
  • Over all, be brave. Since if you are at that crossroads, if you really do not change direction now, when will you?

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