April 23, 2024


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Entertainment Industry: Getting Ready for a Career of a Lifetime

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Everyone knows just how difficult it can be to break into the entertainment industry. The place is full of hardworking, extremely talented, and competitive individuals who have always been fighting for the spotlight since entering the industry.

Now it might look as if with all these veterans already existing in the field, you won’t find your chance to make it big in the industry – but that is not entirely true. In reality, many rookies who just started out in the field made a big name for themselves in a short amount of time. Which means, you have what it takes to do the same thing.

What is even more interesting is that there are a few professionals who can help guide your way into making a name for yourself in the industry. For example, let us consider Richard Westlein – a revered professional in the entertainment industry.

For many years now, Rich Westlein has taken on a number of roles in his career which include being a film and television operator, freelance screenplay writer, musician, lighting director, actor, and more. He is also the founder and managing director of the prestigious broadcast-quality field video production company, Jupiter Video Inc.

Rich was also the lighting director of off-Broadway theatrical productions, including the Cafe LaMama off-Broadway Theatre. Screenplays were one of his favorite things to do – he wrote for many indie productions, including the “Fragmented Feature Dream” and “Adventures in a Limbo.” Aside from his roles of being a camera operator and writer, he has also worked as a director, technical manager, and video editor in the television industry.

And as someone who has spent more than 40 years in the entertainment professional world, there are a few things he has learned along the way that he has shared with aspiring individuals looking for a career in his industry. Rich says much of the battle is your bed-side manner, so to speak. Obviously you must know your field of expertise like camera, audio, lighting, props, carpentry or electric, but you must also present an even handed delivery of your skills and learn the union parameters to avoid infractions. Learn how to work with others who are also working on the set at the same time. It’s very important to blend seamlessly with the entire crew. It will be a challenge but you stand to enjoy the work and the rewards that go with it.

 If you are enthusiastic about what you do, having a little bit of challenge in the work field is a great way to ignite your motivation and determination. It can be difficult to bring yourself out there when you are just starting out – but remember that you are fresh in the field and you have a lot of power and energy and patience that most people would be proud to work along side of you. Believing in yourself is the key.

Rejection is quite a common occurrence in the entertainment industry. Even if you feel like your work is the best thing you have produced, many people might still not like it. It will feel difficult to pull yourself up from that but you need to remember that your biggest motivator is yourself and only you can convince yourself to try again and improve yourself. Keep networking, subtly, networking is everything when it comes to creating connections for yourself.

Specifically, as in any business, having connections with the right people can go a long way. Surround yourself in a circle of valuable and influential people and maintain good relationships with them. You never know – there might come a time when they can help support you in your career or provide you with various opportunities that can help in progressing your career.