July 14, 2024


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Enjoy Best Indonesian Cultural Performances at Jakarta Theatres

Enjoy Best Indonesian Cultural Performances at Jakarta Theatres

Jakarta has some excellent venues for music, dance and other cultural performances. Theatres in the city are perhaps the best way to explore the evolving culture of the place. Traditional theatre and cosmopolitan music is loved the most by both locals and those getting into city taking flights to Jakarta. Some non profit organizations at Jakarta organize plays in different theatres of the city to boast both tourism and the culture. Since last four decades they have been producing comedies, dramas, musical revues, murder mysteries, pantomimes, cabarets, theatres, and small and big shows. Some most popular theatres at the city are:

Taman Ismail Marzuki Arts Center in Jakarta: This arts center is located in Jalan Cikini Raya 73. The center is named after famous musician, Ismail Marzuki. It is the best place to search for Indonesian art and culture after taking cheap flights to Jakarta It is the first institute of its kind in Indonesia, and is successfully purporting to the training and promotion of performing and visual arts. Dance, music, and theatre are performed here by both local and international artists.

The Bharata Theatre in Jakarta: Visitors love to take Jakarta flights to enjoy the dance drama known as wayang Wong at Bharata Theatre, and this dance drama is generally held in Bahasa Indonesia language. It is a mixture of dramatic and comic theatre with some dancing. After taking your flights to Jakarta you may go to this theatre from 8pm to midnight every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. A set of bronze gongs and other percussion instruments including a xylophone can also be enjoyed here.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah: A culture-based recreational area located in East Jakarta is known as Taman Mini. Visitors taking flights to Jakarta like to visit this synopsis of Indonesian culture. This is the best place to enjoy at night. It is supposed to represent at least 27 highlight of Indonesian culture as Indonesia consisted of 27 provinces while this theatre was created.

The Gedung Kesenian Jakarta: It is standing in all its majesty and glory in the heart of the city. It is the platform giving opportunity to both locals and international artists to perform any kind of performance including; music, dance and theatre. Audiences as well as performers take cheap flights to Indonesia from UK to attend this performing arts theatre.