June 25, 2024


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Drama Queen Test: You May Be a Drama Queen If

There are many categorizations of both men and women. No categorization is perfectly flawless and fool proof. Nevertheless there is some truth to such labels of personality types so much so as it helps you to know whom you are dealing with.

The “Drama Queen” syndrome need not be entirely relegated to the female gender. Males can also tend toward selfishness, self-absorption and egotism.

How do you know if you have a drama queen or king on your hands?

You may be a “Drama Queen” (or King) if….

1. Your daily complaints exceed your thanks.

2. You consistently have emotional outbursts everyday.

3. You shout and expect people elsewhere in the home (or office) to come running at your beck and call.

4. You communicate your needs and wants passionately while rarely considering those of others.

5. A bad hair day ruins your day.

6. Your dog hides in fear when you explode and lose it.

7. You are dissatisfied with the gifts you receive from people.

8. You demand that people be clean and on their best behavior at your home (or with your stuff), whereas when you are at theirs you give no such regard.

9. An argument with someone over the phone can throw you into a tailspin with everyone else with whom you interact afterward.

10. You have been called a perfectionist, but are far from perfect yourself.

11. When your nails, hair and appearance are a continual focal point in conversation.

12. Budgetary constraints are deemed to be “controlling.”

13. If your expenses exceed your income, you bounce checks regularly and yell at ATMs that refuse to give you money.

14. If being out of control is more important to you than practicing self-control.

15. If you want others to be kind with their use of words while you yourself are careless.

16. If manipulation is your favorite art form.

17. If you run from confrontation and correction.

18. If you go from one guy to the next in an effort to remain continually in control.

19. If using guys to get what you want is pleasurable for you.

20. Your girlfriends call you the B_ _ _ _ word.

21. After your boyfriend buys you a bunch of new clothes, en route to the exit when bypassing another store you stop to look at more.

22. You ask for gifts priced well beyond what you would ever pay yourself when buying for others.

23. You throw things during a temper tantrum.

24. Relatives cringe at your coming.

25. People feel as if whatever they do for you is never enough.

26. You emotional exhaust yourself and others.

27. You cannot live and let live.

28. You must always call the shots and have it your way.

29. Being the center of attention is your primary purpose.

30. You criticize regularly and encourage rarely.

31. You regularly have a meltdown during “that time of the month.”

32. You refuse to apologize and take accountability for your words and actions.

33. You cannot forgive and prefer holding grudges.

34. You blame others for your shortcomings.

35. You deflect constructive criticism preferring shallow conversation.

36. You have few close friends who can truly speak into your life.

37. You erect walls to avoid hearing what don’t want to hear.

38. You cut people off and out of your life the minute you disagree with them.

39. You stonewall to overcome feelings of insecurity rather than be transparent and discuss your feelings humbly and openly.

40. When you get what you want, you realize you don’t want what you’ve got.

41. You are an emotional bottomless pit, meaning no matter how much you get you are never satisfied.

42. Your lust for attention and affirmation is insatiable, while your love for yourself is minimal.

43. You are impatient and impulsive.

44. You repel the very people who you would most benefit from attracting in your life.

45. You judge by outward appearance rather than looking within to the mind and heart of a person.

46. Fashion is a large part of your self-image, without which you would feel lesser as a person.

47. You compare yourself with others rather than being content.

48. The exterior is given far more attention than your inner world and personal development as a person.

49. What you project outwardly is more important to you than what you possess inwardly.

50. You deem moments of selfishness merely as self-actualization and personal fulfillment.

51. You serve yourself before others.

52. You are quick to speak and slow to hear.

53. You dominate conversations and rarely listen.

54. Difficulties and life challenges easily demoralize you.

55. You demonize people who disagree with you.

56. You seek to be understood before endeavoring to understand others.

57. You easily anger.

58. You sulk in sadness when you don’t get your way.

59. You try to read between the lines to such an extent that you draw meanings and jump to conclusions that are not warranted nor factually based.

60. You expect more out of others than you give of yourself.

61. You don’t manage time. Time manages you.

62. You skip meals to look good, when you could eat well to feel good.

63. You pay close attention to the latest trends in Hollywood.

64. You have numerous parking and speeding tickets, which you’ve still not paid.

65. You don’t hesitate to make demands and give ultimatums.

66. You judge others by their actions and yourself by your intentions.

67. You don’t master your moods and emotions.

68. You leverage your good looks to get you everything you want.

69. You care more about looks than character.

70. You practice a “take it and leave them” philosophy.

We all like attention and affirmation, which by no means are wrong. Some however crave and manifest it more blatantly than others. Selfishness and insecurity are essentially the foundational motives in attention seeking dramatic types.

Self-actualization and preservation are basic human instincts. By no means are such innate tendencies bad. Yet when we expect the world to revolve around us, we often drive away those we value and need the most.

Dramatic types on the flip side can be quite fun to be around. They can add expression, laughter, affection and action to our dull, boring, monotonous everyday lives. Adventure and the unexpected is something we all desire at times. A balanced dose of these certainly can at pizzazz to our lives.

An excessive and overbearing imbalance of dramatics however can destabilize and drive us crazy. May God help you therefore find the right balance in your own life personally and also simultaneously achieve relational harmony with the one you love.