June 25, 2024


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DARK AT SEA – A film by Carlos Asse


An experimental dance movie – Darkish at Sea. A like letter to the rewards and sacrifices of innovative everyday living. This attractive collaboration among award-successful Mexican filmmaker Carlos Asse and cinematographer Paul Theodoroff, “Dark at Sea” was shot in a 35mm film and captures themes of disappointment, defeat and the abiding pursuit of results by the actions of dancers Matthew Gibbs.


The project by itself emerged from Asse’s want to crack from normal routines and develop some thing more private and abstract. Dim at Sea delivers an unsettling exploration of a man’s battle with himself as he battles to decide the accurate which means of his journey as a dancer.

The original thought arrived to daily life just after Asse’s wish to examine a facet of filmmaking he had never approached or experimented with in the earlier. A little plan sparked his desire and he approached cinematographer Paul Theodoroff to lens the movie.

“Dark at Sea started as a appreciate letter to the ambitions and the payoffs that occur with becoming innovative and the sacrifices that it entails. I required to build a thing individual and abstract that the basic audience, and specifically our inventive group, could relate to. Producing this movie reminded me that the persistent mother nature of the human currently being is what retains us hungry for what’s left out there to conquer. On the other hand, the pandemic pressured us to mirror on our behaviours and the way we watch the entire world. Due to the fact I started out a career in movie, I have felt like I need to give up all the things else. This film is a reminder to be a lot more mild and compassionate with me”.

Directed and Manufactured by Carlos Asse / www.carlosasse.com / Instagram: @carlos.asse
Cinematography by Paul Theodoroff / Instagram: @paultheodoroff
Edit by Cavan J. Faucett / Instagram: @cavanjfaucett
Showcasing Matthew Gibbs / Instagram: @matthewgibbs_et
1st AC: Joshua R. Cote
 2nd AC: Travis Francis
 Loader: Chastin Noblett

Carlos Asse:
Carlos Asse is a director/producer born and raised in Mexico Town and centered in Los Angeles, CA. His get the job done is shaped by a passion for storytelling and his compassion for humanity, aiming to check out human interactions and social constructs. He strives to build considered-provoking do the job in an endeavor to completely transform society.


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