July 17, 2024


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Dance Ethics and Codes of Conduct

Just like any sport or hobby, dance has a code of ethics, as well as a code of conduct. One of the most important things that all dancers should remember is that everyone is there to have a good time. We must all share the dance floor and be kind and courteous to other dancers. Never video another dancer, whether on the social dance floor or in a dance class without first asking permission. If you are in a class situation remember to be respectful of the instructor as well as other dancers.

While you may have already learned what the instructor is teaching, it is very possible that your partner has not. If there is a question, be sure and direct it to the instructor. That is what they is being paid for. Excessive chatter is disrupting to the class and you, or your partner may miss that little piece of information that you needed to improve your dancing or execute a particular pattern. This may sound harsh, but try and remember that everyone is there to learn.

Proper clothing and foot attire is highly recommended. The last thing you want to do while dancing is worry about your clothing staying on or being too constrictive or uncomfortable. As far as foot wear, you need either leather or suede bottomed dance shoes or boots. Thick rubber soles or shoe that fall off your feet can lead to injury. Sandals can be especially troublesome, more so when they do not have a back strap.

Since we are all dancing closely together a shower, clean clothing, deodorant and breath mints are in order. It is also recommended to forgo, or use perfumes sparingly as many people have sensitivities to them. If you sweat profusely, a towel and an extra shirt or two may be in the cards for you. Chewing gum is not recommended as it often ends up on the floor and then on someones expensive dance shoe. Not to mention that it looks pretty tacky to see a dancer out on the dance floor chomping on gum.

Be tidy and respectful to the club or studio that you are dancing in. You should also always pick up after yourself. This is especially important in a classroom setting. Classrooms often have mints set about the studio for their students and picking up all the little wrappers from around the room after the class is not the instructors job. Leaving empty water bottles is also, “Just not Cool!” While social dancing it is proper etiquette to to accept an invitation to dance, but it is also acceptable to decline. If you decline, it would be improper etiquette to accept another dance offer to the same song.There are always exceptions but try to follow these guidelines.

While some of these suggestions may seem rather obvious to most, look around and I am sure you will see at least one or two offenders! Sometimes people are just unaware or do not think, or are just so wrapped up in remembering all they need to do during a dance that they just plain don’t think about anything else. Here’s hoping to bring awareness to those who are unaware and thanks to those of you that are! Let’s all work hard at maintaining an awesome dance community!