July 17, 2024


Arts Fanatics

Connecting Art and Literature

Art and literature have the strong relation, but many people are mislead by the wrong idea. They think that both of them are two separated things. In this case, knowing the right idea will lead them to come up with the better opinion. Actually, literature is a part of art, but it is different from the other aspects of art (such as music, painting and dancing). The following explanation will tell you more about the relation of those things.

Art and literature are the two great things. The first is the home for the latter. Literature is the art of telling story to someone, either orally or written. By reading literary works, you can read the art of language. It is the beautiful thing if you can recognize such things when you read the works. People can visualize the literary works in the form of drama, painting, film, and even theater. We can mention the examples to prove such opinions. If you have read the example, I am sure you can find the other examples by yourself, since there are many examples in our daily life.

“The Notebook” becomes the first proof of the strong relation between art and literature. This film is adapted from a novel with the same title written by Nicholas Sparks. Anyway, watching film will enable you to look at the great combination of arts, such as music, film, language, and many other things. Another more phenomenal example is the adaptation of Harry Potter series from novel into films. All are success and welcome by many people out there. It becomes the good proof to change your opinion that both things are not connected.

Definitely, there are many other examples out there. People can make a work by taking the inspiration from the other aspects of life, one of them is art. Sometimes, you can also find the novel written as the result of adaptation from a film. It is a kind of great idea. What do you think about such works?