April 18, 2024


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Bunny Studio – Transforming The Ecosystem For Creators And Companies.

Bunny Studio Announces Creative Service Expansion to Support Businesses &  Independent Workers During Pandemic

Companies must ensure that the external professionals working with them are appropriately vetted and boarded and that the company yields fully. New regulations, such as IR35 in the UK, and new tax responsibilities, have created problems for freelancers and the organizations that rely on them. 

As a consequence, new research by the IPSE suggests that as many as 50% of UK freelancers may stop hiring in the UK and plan to pursue work abroad or full-time jobs. In the US, new regulations in California and NYC also affect freelancers and freelance consumers.

Because of these regulation changes, the added burden of EOR and corresponding regulation and reporting needs, and the continuing need for freelancers, we are seeing increased interest in freelance management systems (FMS) and a few new startups or advertisements for freelance management systems in the businesses. 

Not too long ago, the normal startup or SMB (small or medium-sized) company managed freelancers on an excel spreadsheet, but no longer, and large enterprises certainly cannot. I’ve written about the pioneering FMS systems Talentdesk.io and Talon FMS, as well as how MBO Partners established specialized white label freelancing platforms for companies like PwC and Twago and created comparable “pizza slices” of its freelance community for Phillips and other corporations.

As more and more organizations of scale rely on the freelance workforce, some innovative companies are developing applications that increase companies’ capacity to efficiently and compliantly manage their freelance and unaffiliated freelancers. For some companies, combining an FMS, platform relationships, apps like Zoom and Slack, and teamwork apps like Mural begin to fill out a natural ecosystem of support for remote workers and the larger adaptable, amalgamated workforce.

Today, the freelancer revolution is already transforming the way work gets done. How will your business leverage this scalable new labor force – the human capital cloud? What actions will you take to benefit from this unique access to global talent and build a benefit for your business? How will you avoid getting noticed reacting with what Schwab calls “linear non-disruptive thinking”?

We have found a platform that would help you get your work done with the help of freelancers from across the world; the platform is Bunny Studio. This platform provides over 50 end-to-end creative services with a money-back guarantee. It has just started its journey in 2021 and has already succeeded by completing millions of assignments/ contracts and has made them their loyal customers as well. 

Powered by technology and managed by people, this platform offers voiceovers, audio advertisements, writing, video, design services, and more in over 100 languages by collaborating with the top 4% of worldwide specialists. With an extensive database of more than 13,000 already screened professionals.

Bunny Studio supports its guarantee of customer satisfaction with round-the-clock assistance and quick response times. The platform offers developers and agencies unparalleled ability to expand their creative demands on order through its distinctive API connection.

Bunny Studio is unique because of its speed, complete project management, and money-back guarantee. They are creating freelancer job opportunities for skilled individuals globally, making creative services accessible, hassle-free, and fast for companies, and taking care of tedious tasks such as video logging and editing to help brands save on seasonal headcount costs and in-house bandwidth.