June 15, 2024


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A Look Into Rare Flower 2


By Artist: Anna Razumovskaya

A Look Into Rare Flower 2

This piece of artwork by her is identified as Scarce Flower 2, 30X40, it is an oil portray on canvas. This is 1 of my favorite artworks performed by her since it the determine is alluring. This painting seems to be psychological, as the ballerina seems to be worn out owning her hand to her head.

However it is passionate sturdy and vivid. The messy brush work aids to make motion, specifically in the costume, as the matter is dancing but also on the lookout dreamlike. I like how the background is plain, as to not get away any notice from the subject.

The artist has said, when conversing about her work: “If you check with an artist what he/she was pondering of while making his work, he would rarely give a reasonable answer to that issue. This method are unable to be analyzed. It is like a miracle.

You are just drawing, and that is all. Basically not considering of anything at all definite. The second you start out considering… and that’s it- pointless stroke, unneeded depth. God is familiar with how it all occurs. Satisfaction, passion, pleasure below are features of this method.” From this quotation, I can see how the artist generates her portray, just complete of enthusiasm.

Anna Razumovskaya is a modern day romanticism artist. Her artwork is a mixture of common and contemporary. The portraits she does captures the magnificence of the feminine overall body, with sophistication. The approach she uses are motivated by aged masters like Rembrandt, whilst being present day.

She paints with freedom building some thing exceptional and wonderful. Her diverse track record from obtaining been to many areas like Germany, Holland and Belgium, exposed to different cultures, will have influenced her in lots of approaches for her art.

a single of the many matters I like about her art, is that the figures in her paintings have this stunning aura that reminds me of Renaissance artwork. Drawing very similar colour palettes from the Renaissance paintings. In addition, the artist works by using the figures for their poses, even though her muses are the joys of everyday living. So then you get an impressionistic portray. A story and emotion to relay.

Her topics in her paintings are painted with self confidence, but with a perception of femininity and softness. She results in that by applying colour and line. For her backgrounds she makes motion, together with the character, possessing the gown flowing. She also brings about a stillness in her pictures by making use of fairly tones and vivid colors by interlacing them.

This results in a contrast, of a peaceful state of the issue and the sound in the track record from the motion of it. In all her paintings there is an ethereal like good quality, of the topics remaining there in the home and lost in the second at the exact same time.

What is also is evident in her work is Razumovskaya’s enjoy for tunes, specifically composers Bach and Tchaikovsky, position an impact in her work. This can be noticed when she has devices (Saxophone, and a violin), in her paintings. She in some way freezes the audio in location, as if capturing a moment of dance. Each individual of her paintings all have a playfulness to them, with a exclusive type existing in all of them.

Golden Chord

Golden Chord

A hand-embellished canvas

36 by 24 inches.

A stunning painting, demonstrating how the musician are dropping themselves into the audio, as they are in their personal minimal entire world. with vibrant and harmonising colours. with this impressionistic painting you can sense their like of tunes, from their entire body language and facial expressions all concentrated to the sounds and rhythms of songs.


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