July 17, 2024


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A Bright Light Extinguished

Robin Williams dies at age of 63

Another guiding light has been extinguished from this world, a deliberate path chosen by one who brought such cheer to so many others. A spectacular performer, actor, talent who excelled at his craft of bringing joy and laughter to so many, but not to himself!

Like others who have given so freely and worked so hard to making others happy, Robin Williams died at his own hand, a lifetime of unhappiness and depression borne so bravely.

Associated all his life with comedy, laughter and an outwardly happy smiling character, he failed to find light in his own inner life. A reminder to us all that fame, wealth and notoriety does not guarantee happiness. Robin like so many others who battle daily with depression in all it’s guises and titles, often portray an outer facade of apparent contentment, while inside there is a growing depth of despair from which they perceive no relief.

Comedy is so often used by humans as a buffer between the real inner world and the imposed outer existence. So many suffer in silence and often feel very alone in the world. We are human, nobody is always happy all of the time, if you know someone who is, look deeper, for they may be concealing a darker reality. We all need to be more aware and observant of those we love and those we meet. If you know someone who suffers with depression, be their non-judgemental listener, it may safe their lives.

As someone who has suffered depression at times throughout my own life, I know what it feels like, and I know how debilitating it can be. But there is help, and one of the most effective remedies I found which helped me immensely, was talking to someone whom I knew would not judge me or anything I told them. I didn’t need them to answer or offer solutions but to simply listen.

Another useful therapy which can help you overcome those dark moments is to write and keep a journal. Getting your thoughts out on paper, can relieve their constant repetition in your head. C.B.T. sessions also work to efficiently dismantle the legs of the self destructive beliefs and the negative future visualisations which depression can cause.

There is help which can give relief but you have to choose to seek it for yourself. Robin Williams sought that help several times and it worked many times for him, but we are all born with free will and we can choose when we check out of this life too. For Robin checking out permanently obviously was his preference, but he will be sadly missed. A wonderful kind and gentle Soul who helped so many – a great humanitarian and gentleman. My prayers are for his family who are left to mourn his loss.

Robin Williams has found his peace.

May your Soul fly as high as Peter Pan until we meet again.


Yvonne Clarke