February 24, 2024


Arts Fanatics

3 Kinds of Live Entertainment to Check Out Other Than Bands

Many of us think nothing at all beats seeing something in person. For some, their favorite band is the one they can see live most often with the least traveling they have to do. What about the times in between seeing your favorite band? What other kinds of live entertainers are around when the bands you love can’t be?

Well, largely that’s going to depend on where you are and the threshold for travel you have. With those 2 factors in mind, there should still be plenty of options in mind and here’s some of the best that might turn into your new entertainment obsession. 

Live Dancing 

This is something you can do yourself, or just simply learn to love watching professionals do. Wherever you live, city or rural, there’s bound to be plenty of options for all different kinds of dance. What might change from area to area is how many options you’ll have for the different styles of dance you might find. 

For example, it should be no surprise that what you might find in Seattle might look a little different than what you find in rural Texas. Nothing wrong with that, it just means there’s all the more for you to explore.

Given you are in love with it, this is something you’ll even be able to bring to your next party or event. Along with what was already mentioned, what type of dancers for hire you find might change from one region to another, but if you are looking to bring live entertainment to the next party of your own, it’s going to be hard to beat this. 

Standup Comedy

For the music lovers among us, this might be a departure from the norm. The beauty of music can move us in ways we’d never expect but some apt social commentary with that perfect delivery, that only a comedian can provide, might just make you see your day-to-day life a little differently from here on out. 

If looking to get into seeing live comedy, the perfect places to start looking might just be where you are used to seeing live bands. Comedy clubs are out there too, sure, but those might be a little harder to find in more rural areas. Just because there aren’t clubs locally doesn’t mean there aren’t comedians performing elsewhere locally. 

Variety Shows

The term here might feel a little dated but this could be the perfect way to find out what your next big interest will be. If all you’ve loved up until now was live bands, going to a variety show will be the perfect sampling of what else, entertainment wise, might be happening locally. 

What you’ll find might very well change drastically from venue to venue so if you don’t love the first night, don’t simply write these off as not for you. Even from week to week, the same show could look quite different.

It’s easy to think you’ll find the other types of entertainment mentioned here, and odds are you will, all with some new things you’d never think to seek out on your own.