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10 Ways to Become a Better Dancer

10 Ways to Become a Better Dancer

Are you wack?

May 12th 2006 18:06

Most people are too shy or scared to take a class by themselves, or at all. I know people will stay in the comfort of their own homes and try to themselves how to dance by looking for clips or instructional sites on the Internet without physically taking several classes first. *shakes head*

For those getting into dancing or wanting to improve… you HAVE to:

1. Take a dance class – this way you get the feel of things and are taught the RIGHT way how to do things otherwise you’ll look wack.

Jackie teaching at D2MG, UNSW

Dance classes are fun, friendly environments

2. Practice – all the time, everyday if you can, with and without mirrors. Videotape yourself if possible so you can see what you’re doing looks good or not to you, (but also seek other opinions).

3. Listen to music – get used to the beat, rhythm and lyrics so you can start feeling the dance to the music and not just doing set moves.

4. Freestyle – as much as you can. This means listening to the music and dancing to it however you choose to interpret it.

5. Specialise first – Concentrate on one or two styles of dance at a time and when you get better at them, you can start adding other styles if you wish while still improving your skills in the first dance styles. A lot of people tend to switch their focus, depending on what appeals to them the most.

For the beyond beginner dancers:

6. Be versatile – this is for those who have been dancing for a while and have trained in a few styles to get to advanced level.

7. Socialise with other dancers – easier said than done, but dance classes, clubs and such are the best way to do this; once you start hanging around dancers their passion and enthusiasm will keep motivating you to stick to it.

(c) Universal Studios

8. Don’t be afraid to dance – I’m talking mainly about parties and clubs; who cares if people are watching you. Focus on having a good time, but in some ways having others’ attention is a great way to whip you into shape so you’ll practice in fear of looking like a fool.

9. Join or make a dance crew – the best way to improve and stay motivated. Make sure you’re all friends first and socialise out of dancing otherwise it won’t last. Trust me.

10. Watch dance movies, clips – a great way to keep motivated. Michael Jackson by far has the best dance videos. Also check out his sister Janet, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, B2K and even Britney’s concerts and clips.

Don’t worry guys, every dancer had to start somewhere; take the risk because you’re the only thing that’s holding you back (or lack of finances). Stop being a lazy ass, get up and move!